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Brett - 1982




A trip to Green Island, just off the coast of Cairns - on the ferry going over, and standing on the beach near the jetty - two photos - January 1982

With our Suzuki Sierra - outside our home in Wewak Street, Trinity Beach - January 1982


3rd Birthday - 5th February 1982

------Brett, Tanya, Michelle and Rhody - checking out the "car" cake

------and here is Tanya, Brett and Michelle having a smoke!!!

------Brett dressed in his new gear - three photos


A trip to Mossman Gorge swimming hole - sitting on a boulder - two photos - February 1982 ..........nice pictures

Smiling at the camera - June 1982

Another nice look for the camera - July 1982 ..........great shot

A day trip to Davies Creek National Park - on the Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns - Brett enjoying the "great outdoors"!!! - three photos - August 1982

At the beach - September 1982 ..........fantastic photo!!!

Having a swing - September 1982

Doing some building - September 1982 ..........cute pic

Has learnt how to wink!!! - November 1982

Riding a three wheel trike - outside our unit in Madang Street, Trinity Beach - November 1982

Out the front of our unit, standing with our "plants in pots" garden - December 1982



------and he got his first two wheeled bike!!! - two photos ..........and the photos include a nice shot of our unit in Madang Street, Trinity Beach