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Brett - 1981




2nd Birthday - 5th February 1981

------Brett with his "car cake" - made by his Mum!!! ..........nice shot


At a lookout on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland - a nice smile - April 1981 ..........another nice photo

Driving his car - in the backyard of our home in Bellbowrie - June 1981

A portrait - and there's that smile again!!! - June 1981 ..........great photo

"Active Brett" - ready for a game of tennis, and running through the yard - two photos - October 1981

Dressed in red, and looking just a little bit cheeky!!! - two photos - October 1981 ..........very nice pictures

Showing off his body!!! - two photos - October 1981

Now dressed in blue with a red cap - and again there is that smile!!! - three photos - October 1981 ..........again, nice

Blonde haired little kid!!! - out the front of our Bellbowrie (Brisbane) home - two photos - October 1981 ..........yes, again!!!

And here he is in the backyard - October 1981

We made a move, and are now living in Cairns, North Queensland

Feeding a kangaroo at the Australian Bird Park - at Palm Cove, about twenty five kilometres north of Cairns - December 1981 ..........a great photo

On his three-wheel trike outside our home in Wewak Street, Trinity Beach - and Tanya can be seen in the background - December 1981



------"The night before Christmas" - a photo with the tree, and then in to bed so Santa comes!!! - two photos ..........including a great shot of Brett sound asleep

------Christmas morning, and it looks like he is happy and excited!!! - having breakfast, and playing with his new car garage - two photos ..........and both are nice