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Brett - 1979




- Just about here!!! - two weeks to go!!!

Sharon, eight and a half months pregnant - January 1979


- It's a boy!!! - born at 2.15pm on 5th February 1979 - Weight 7lbs12ozs


In his pram and bouncinette - sound asleep!!! - three weeks old - three photos

Still asleep!!! - out in the sunshine - four weeks old

Finally awake!!! - in his pram, rugged up against a Melbourne winter - four months old

Is he just about to laugh or cry??? - four months old

Happy and laughing - but "bald and toothless"!!! - two photos - June 1979

Is now mobile!!! - "crawling stage" - and a great (but still toothless) smile!!! - June 1979

In his highchair out in the yard - is that a grimace or a laugh??? - two photos - July 1979 ..........nice shots

Still living in Melbourne, and Brett has a jacket and beany on - and has now got a couple of bottom teeth!!! - August 1979

Here he is making a few tentative steps - September 1979