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Geoff and Tanya





Geoff and Tanya, who 10 months old - September 1976

NO!!! - I didn't hit her with the shovel!!! - the picture just makes it look that way - she fell just as Sharon snapped the shot - October 1976 (and what a horrible pair of legs I've got!!!)


Two year old Tanya - all rugged up - we were living in Melbourne, Victoria at this time - December 1977


Geoff and Tanya in the backyard of our Melbourne unit - June 1978 ..........a nice picture

Squatting in the snow - August 1978 ..........another good picture


Having a ride in a Pedal Boat - June 1980


Geoff with his daughter, who turned six years old today - 9th November 1981 - and our yellow Suzuki Sierra


A barbeque in the bush - Geoff cooking, and Tanya with her plate ready - and our car is in the background - August 1982


A visit to "Farmarama" - Tanya having a ride on a shetland pony - and she is eight years old - January 1984 ..........a nice shot of Tanya

Tanya is wondering just what her father is doing with the balloons!!! - March 1984


Paddling a canoe on Lake Tinaroo, which is on the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns - May 1985 (the girl in the middle is our next door neighbour, Louise)


Geoff dancing with a "very modern looking" Tanya on her 12th Birthday - 9th November 1987


At Tanya's home - Christmas Day 1998