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Geoff, Sharon and Tanya





The new parents with their first child - a daughter named Tanya, born 9th November 1975, and in these photos she is three days old - two photos


The three of us rugged up against the cold - living in Adelaide - two photos - March 1977 ..........nice pictures

Tanya sharing her Smarties with her Mum - while Geoff looks like he is in a coma!! - one photo - August 1977
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We are now living in Melbourne - and Tanya is around 2 1/2 years old ..........another nice photo

A visit to the snow!!! - and building a (little) snowman - 1978


Tanya watching her Dad and Mum having a nude romp in the ocean!!! - November 1982 - Photo number One - Photo number Two ..........really good pictures