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Christmas - 1998

... which we celebrated at Tanya's home



The Presents

The Christmas tree and some of the presents - ready to rip open!!!

A closer look at the tree

Steve giving the presents the "thumbs up"!!!

Sharon's present to Tanya - cross stitch - daffodils and iris (unfortunately this photo is blurry - but these are also seen in the "Christmas Table" photo below)

What's the matter with Sharon??? - well, she had just had a good cry!!! - and click here for the details!!!
............and this page was updated on Friday 10th October 2008 ...... with "super size" photos!!!

..........and here is Sharon with her clock and her two kids ..........a very nice photo

Preparing and enjoying the food

Steve was in charge of the barbeque, and Geoff is eating the results ..........Steve was in his "blonde hair" phase!!!

Tanya with a big dish of barbequed garlic prawns!!!

The "Christmas Table" - prawns, chicken, salads, etc - and it was good!!! (at the back are the two cross-stitch presents which Sharon made for Tanya)

Sharon and Tanya getting into the appetizers!!! - juicy, tender, barbequed lamb loin chops!!!

Geoff, head down and into the prawns!!! ..........and wearing his "Bah Humbug" cap, which was a present from Tanya

Steve and Brett at the table

......and during the day

Sharon - and it looks like she has recovered from her "crying session"!!!

Tanya and Geoff looking through some photos

Sharon annoying Brett!!!

Brett relaxing on the couch

Steve doing the cleaning up