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Christmas - 1982

Had an "All Day and Late into the Night" party at our unit in Madang Street, Trinity Beach




Tanya and Brett on Christmas morning - and ready to open the presents!!!


Sixteen people around the Christmas Lunch table!!! - inside our unit

Pushbike races - and Norrie and Geoff take off!!!

..........and Geoff and Mike wait on the starting line

Sitting around outside under beach umbrellas - and with a cold beer!!!

George - who looks like he is starting to feel the effects of a long day!!!

Anne, Kathleen, Doreen, and Norrie

Norrie and Mike enjoying a cold Fosters

Geoff (who is in dream-land!!!), "Sneaky", and Barry

Brett on the far left, Geoff, "Sneaky", Barry, Annette, with Dale at the front

A little bit of Sharon in the yellow top on the left (leg looks nice!!!), Kathleen, Mike, Anne, and Norrie

Sharon, Sharlene, and Malcolm