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Christmas - 2001



A few years ago, Tanya started the "Roneberg Tradition" of celebrating Christmas
at her home.
Parcels are opened, drinks are had by all, and Tanya puts on a terrific
"spread of food"
It is always a great day!!!



The parcels

The stack of presents waiting to be opened


The people

Sharon, the matriarch of the family!!! - and wearing her Christmas hair band

Brett - one of the few Christmas Days he has been home for

Rachel, Steve's sister - and the camera-man found some thigh through a slit in her skirt!!! - and Tanya is serving drinks in the background

Luke Pownall - friend of Tanya and Steve's - a WIN Television Sports News reporter


The food

Barbequed, "bite-sized" lamb loin chops, roasted chicken roll, salads, home made bread, etc, etc


The cook

Steve, and he did a great job with the barbeque - while Tanya organised all the other food

......and it is hot work - and he is entitled to a drink on the job!!! - two photos


"Enjoying the repaste!!!"

Where there's food, there's Sharon!!!

Tanya enjoying her selection - but she looks mad at the photographer!!!

Brett being served by the cook, with Luke in the background

Steve sampling his own work - the cook has gotta eat too!!!

Steve, Luke and Sharon

Sharon and Tanya - hope this food is "Weight Watchers" approved!!!

The same two - still going!!! - third helping???

Luke - managed to get a platefull before Sharon and Tanya ate the lot!!!

Brett and Rachel - balancing their plates

Rachel - quietly eating everything in sight!!!

Sharon, Tanya, Brett and Rachel


A "stinking hot and humid" day - so, into the pool!!!

The pool enclosure


Photos 1 and 2 - in the water

Photos 3 and 4 - enjoying being wet and slinky!!!

Photos 5 and 6 - is she a synchronized swimmer?

Photos 7 and 8 - loves the feel of the water caressing her......

Photos 9 and 10 - a mermaid??? ..........Sharon said I can't say anything about "a beached whale!!!"

Sharon, Tanya and Brett

Photos 1 and 2

Photos 3 and 4


Catching a few rays!!!

In the pool - two photos

Tanya and Steve

Photos 1 and 2 - misbehaving in the pool???

Photos 3 and 4 - Steve has a glint in his eye!!!

Photos 5 and 6 - still carrying on!!!

Photo 7 - Tanya is fighting him off


......and he is left all alone now!!!

Rachel, Steve and Tanya

Photos 1 and 2

Rachel, Tanya and Sharon

Photos 1 and 2 - the bathing beauties!!!

Steve and Brett

Photos 1 and 2


Photo 1 - "a water baby"!!!

Photos 2 and 3 - catching some sun, and trying to hide from the camera!!!

Photos 4 and 5 - a bathing beauty!!!

Rachel and Steve

Photos 1 and 2

Photos 3 and 4


The mission - "To find some cleavage"


Photos 1 and 2 - not very much here!!!

Photos 3 and 4 - think a microscope is need here!!!


Photos 1, 2 and 3 - found a bit here!!!


What's he doing in the "cleavage" section???


......and finally

Brett showing "us wimps" what our pathetic little bodies should look like!!!