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Sharon's 21st Birthday

22nd August 1975


and Tanya was born in November 1975 - "A very pregnant Birthday Girl"!!!




The Birthday Cake - "Congratulations, Sharon"

Geoff and Sharon - and the present was a "Jorge Jensen Pewter Necklace"

..........here we are again - and Sharon is still opening the present!!!

Sharon making sure that everyone gets a piece of birthday cake

Geoff's Mum, Jenny and Brenton

Terry and Sharon - with Jenny and Geoff's Mum in the background

Ron, Sue, Louise Phillips, Colleen and John

Sue, Colleen and Amanda

Jenny and Ron - with Brenton hiding behind

Brenton and Keith Phillips

Ron (red coat), Colleen, Gavin (???), Fiona (???) and Lesley carrying Eirona

Sharon's Mother, and Sharon nursing ???

Pam and Athol Cottrell

Laurence on the left, and the Phillips boy from next door filling his plate - plus lots of other people ???!!!