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New Years Eve - 1982 ending - 1983 starting!!!

Fancy Dress Party



Ten "Fancy Dressed" party goers!!! ..........and Sharon is playing her "alter-ego" very well!!! - looks great, and love those legs!!!

Geoff, in his outfit as an Islander

Malcolm (a very buxom lady) and Lance (Huckleberry Finn) - with Norrie in the background (a Scotsman, whose kilt is falling off!!!)

"Sneaky", Dale and Annette (Tarzan, Jane and family)

"Sneaky" and Dale with Wilf (absent minded professor, who forgot his pants!!!)

Barry (a cricketer) and Val (Daisy Mae)

George and Doreen (an aboriginal and his wife)

Anne (harem girl)

Maurie and Debbie (an Ocker and his wife)

Lance and Kathy (Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer - and what has she caught???)

Zoe and Collette (Hansel and Gretel)

On the dance floor

Mark (Hawain dancer), Geoff (looking cool!!!), Valerie (in background), Shez ( punk rocker, and with her back to the camera), Sharon (hands on her head - is she feeling the booze???) and Kathleen (in Scottish tartan)

Valerie (Scot in tartan), Geoff (face hidden), Mike (a Scottish soccer player) and George (a "Happy Abbo"!!!)

Sharon doing her thing!!! ..........her "prostitute" outfit looked terrific, and there was even a "$" sign written in lipstick on her chest!!!

It was a great night, and though there weren't any "best dressed" prizes,

George "The Aboriginal" was the unanimous choice!!!