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Tanya and Steve's Camping Trip - Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July 2002

With their friends Mark, Nat, Luke and Michelle, they headed off to the Lake Tinaroo camping areas for a weekend of relaxation and "the great outdoors"!!!

Lake Tinaroo is about one and a half hours drive west of Cairns on the Atherton Tablelands, and on Sunday 7th, Geoff and Sharon went for a drive and called in to say hello


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- in a lot of the photos at the camp site, people are looking down - WHY??? - well, the fire had everyone's attention!!! - when Sharon and I arrived, this group of "bushies" (led by Steve and Mark) were trying to get a decent cooking fire going so they could all have some breakfast - we left after about 1 1/2 hours, and they were just then throwing the sausages, eggs and bacon on the grill!!! - ninety minutes of smoke, runny noses, bleary eyes, and burnt fingers!!! - It was fun to watch!!!


On the way we called into ANZAC Park, which is on the Kennedy Highway at Mareeba - has dozens of Memorials and Plaques dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand Forces during World Wars One and Two

Sharon in the Park - nice photos

Before going to see Tanya and Steve, we stopped for a look at the Tinaroo Dam wall

Geoff - who needs a haircut!!!

Two very nice shots of Sharon

Arrived at their camp site

Part of their area, including Tanya and Steve's tent

"Father and Daughter"

A nice picture

"Mother and Daughter"

......and a fantastic picture!!!



Rugged up, and looking cold!!! - three nice photos


Cooking the toast


What the "Australian Redneck" wears!!!

Sharon and Tanya

Again, these are great photos - especially the middle one!!!

Tanya and Steve

"Hobos living in the bush!!!" - nice pictures

Sharon and Tanya - finally getting me a coffee!!!

Sharon, Tanya and Steve

Nice shots of the three of them

......and around the camp site

Sharon, Tanya, Nat, Mark, Steve Steve, Mark, Geoff, Tanya

Geoff, Steve, Mark Geoff, Steve, Mark

Geoff, Steve, Mark, Tanya, Nat Mark, Steve

Steve, Mark Steve, Mark, Nat

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