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Sunday 5th February 2017






From Dad and Mum + Likes and Comments
there are enlargements of these photo further below














Messages from Family and Friends

DG Goodie
Happy birthday mate

Zoe Walpole
Happy Birthday to you!! XOXO

Brittany Sage
Happy, happy!

Almonte El Penaco
Roomie happy birthday

Geoff Goetz
Happy bday mate!!

Jeremy Armstrong
HB Brett. Hope it's awesome for you

Birute Boss
Happy birthday!!!

Vince Askey
Happy Birthday, Brett!

Taylor Pooler
Happy birthday!!!! Hope it's a good one!!!

Ashley Prosser
Happy birthday Brett! Miss you, come visit!

Britta Aller
Happy Birthday, Brett!!

Matthew David Peterson
Happy birthday bro

Patrick Kinas
Happy Birthday Brett!

Mick Raymond
Happy Birthday mate!

Michael Nannini
Happy birthday, dude!

Mike McGowan
Happy Birthday Brett. Hope all is well, have a great day

Michelle Farrell-McClaskey
Happy Birthday!

Lee Slagle
HBD Brett

Matt Winters
Happy Birthday mate, hope all is going well for you

Brandon Bowe
Happy birthday! ! ! !

Kevin Johnson
Happy Birthday Mate!
Hope all is well, have a great day, all the best!

Tommy John
Happy Birthday Brett. Enjoy your special day Mate!!

Michael Oseguera
Happy birthday slugger

Michael Forrest
Happy Birthday Brett !!!!!

Hayley Murphy
Happy birthday xx

Rhodney Donaldson
Happy birthday

Amy Snyder Weiland
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Simone Riggs

Michele Wojcik
Happy Birthday buddy!
Hope you're doing something fun
at one of those gorgeous beaches today!! Enjoy your day!

Chris Clark
Happy birthday Berg

Tammy S Ehredt
Happy Happy Birthday my Friend!!
I wish you all the best in the world
I hope you had a wonderful day!! Cheers

Meghan Hope
Happy birthday buddy

Jenna Basse
Happy Birthday x

Scott Conway
Happy birthday Mate!!! Hope it's a great one!

Jill Jas Farizo
Happy Birthday Brett!

Craig Candage
Happy Birthday Buddy

Bill Florida
Happy birthday mate!!

Andrew Linker
Happy birthday, Brett ... enjoy turning 23, again

Emily Lanzel Davis
Happy birthday!!

Dennis Hogan
Happy birthday Brett!

Heather Nicole
Happy Birthday!!

Alex Baila
Happy birthday!!!

Eliza Folsom
Happy birthday, Brett!!

Wanell Macia Severino

Amber Patton Quartz
Hope you have an awesome birthday, Brett! Cheers!

Fernando Roneberg
Happy Birthday Brett Roneberg

Greg Wicks
Happy birthday mate

Joyce Lester
Happy birthday. Xxx

Moe Kurihara
Happy birthday Brett!!

Ivana Balic
Happy birthday!!

Rachael Byrnes
Wishing the most happiest of birthday Brettus love ya Rach

Phil Brassington
Happy birthday mate

James Eshelman
Happy Birthday

Adam Burton
Happy birthday buddy

Danny Page
Happy bday Ronny!

Vana Vrhar
Happy birthday!!!!!

Kelly Brearley
Happy birthday bretty boy!!!
Hope you have had a great birthday
and a big fat piece of birthday cake with extra cream!!!!!!

Jade McJannett
Happy birthday old friend
Hope u r having a lovely day! Much love Xx

Andrew Cook
Happy Birthday Brett! I hope you are having a great day champ

Julie McDonald Oam
Happy Birthday Brett hope you have had a great day x

Denise Reinisch
Have a wonderful birthday Brett

Linda Laycock
Happy birthday Brett! Miss ya x

Kelly Rogers
Happy Birthday Bretty Boy!! Hope your having a great day xx

Gary Tippet
Happy bday Brett! Hope you enjoy the day!

Shane Bennett
Happy Birthday Brett hope you have a great day

Shuji Daibo
Happy birthday brother!!!!! Have a beautiful year!!!

Ashleigh Altomare
Happy birthday Brett!

Carol Boland Danyel Maynard
Happy birthday Brett...have a good one

Mark Kearney
Happy birthday mate

Tiara Seccombe-Rose
Happy birthday Brett! I hope you're having a fabulous day

Pom Wongphakdee
Happy birthday x

Melanie Caron
Hey so it's your birthday in your neck of the woods
Happy happy Birthday! Wishing you the best!

Marina Matchett
Happy birthday mate xo

Adrian Hill
HPBD Brett. Soak up the rain now

Faye Costello
Happy birthday big fella!

Teresa Walker
Happy birthday hope u have an amazing day!!

Grant McDonald
Happy birthday Brett, have a good one

Claire Warren
Many Happy Birthday wishes Brett! Have an awesome day!!!

Fiona Pearce
Enjoy your day Brett. Best wishes from the west

Laura Avolio
Happy birthday Brett!!

Angela Myers
Happy birthday Brett...hope your day is amazing

Brad Thomas
Happy Birthday Mate!!

Scott Gilmour
Happy Birthday!!!

Priscilla Yeo
Happy birthday Brettus!!!
Hope you are bringing in another year in great fashion
and with ppl who love you and remind you how fun life can be
Wish I was there to help Xxx

Enda Murphy
Happy Birthday Brett!!

Renee Rayner
Happy Birthday for today Brett Roneberg
Hope you have a fantastic day!

Kelly Richardson
Sending very happy birthday wishes to you for today, Brett!
Enjoy your day! XXxxx

Michael Roneberg
Happy birthday. Enjoy

Tristan Crawford

Greg Keily
Happy Birthday big fella

Kelly Anne James
Happy birthday mate

Jodie Bradley
Happy birthday to you!! Hope your having an awesome day

Toshi Senga
Happy birthday Brett!!

Warwick Marks
Happy Birthday Brett

Ash Dickson
Happy birthday ol...young man xx

Steven Landsberg
Happy Bornday Mate! Have a good one!

Gerg Moostache
Happy Birthday mate

Stacy Carlson
Happy Birthday!!

Wayne Franklin
Happy birthday Brett, have a good one mate

Adam Cornwell
Happy birthday mate

Fabian Lomax
Happy Birthday Brett have a great day cheers mate

Emilie De Rop
Happy Birthday Brett! Have a great one

Scot Anthony Peace
Happy birthday mate hope u have a great day

Landis Kelly Wilson
Happy Birthday!

Phillip Stockman
Happy Birthday brother!!!

Michael Nucifora
Happy B'day mate

Heath Wilson
Happy birthday mate

Bruce Adams
Happy birthday mate

Ethan Moseley
Happy birthday mate!

Laurence Doo
Bretty you old hard bugger happy birthday mate
Hope your having a awesome day mate
We should do dinner tonight after you get me from the airport
Lol take it easy brother. See ya back in Townie
PS - 5 yrs ago today we were down in Melbourne mate

Jess Scott
Happy birthday Brett!!

Marney Marsh
Happy Birthday Brett Roneberg!!

Nathan Francis
Happy birthday bretto. Enjoy

Emese Gyalog
Happy Birthday!

Stevie Reichardt

Jade Stephanie
Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!

Natasha Clayfield
Happy birthday!! I hope you have a good one

Tennille Denman
Happiest of birthdays my gorgeous friend!
Hope your day is filled with shitloads of jumping in puddles,
fun and belly rumble laughs!

Kiera Archer
Happy birthday brett!

Phil Thomas
Happy B'day Bretty! Don't let your mum embarrass you again!
Hope you have a good one and I'll toast your good health at lunch
Cheers, Thommo

Nicole Fit-Nic Michael
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you have a spectacular day!

Joe Morris
Happy Happy Birthday Brett, have a great day mate

Bazman Koch
Happy birthday mate

Mark Bombardieri
Have a great day Brett. Stay well

Ulli Schuhmacher
Happy birthday Brett!! hope you have a lovely day
Thinking of you!!

Sean Harrod
Happy birthday mate have a great day

Kayla Jayde
Happy birthday Brett xx

Amy Mattis
Happy birthday!!

Barry Peace
Happy birthday

Nick Omeara
Happy birthday bud

Cayla Neville
Happy Birthday Brett!! Hope you have a good day!!

Glenn Williams
Happy birthday Skull. Hope you have a great one

Carol Johnson
Happy Birthday Brett, hope you have a great day

Yvonne Snell
Wishing you a very happy birthday Brett!

Rhegan Hartwig
Happy birthday Brett xx

Shantrel Lindorff
Happy birthday Brett. Best wishes to you!!

Kristy Hudson
Happy Birthday Brett!! Hope you have an Awesome day!!

Ric Doo
Happy birthday Brett. Have a great day mate. See you soon

Vicki Davis
Happy B'day Brett. Hope you have an awesome day!

David Giordimaina
Happy birthday champ

Matt Gourlay
Happy birthday Brett! I hope you have a great day mate!

Rob Leary
Happy Belated Birthday Brett. Hope you had a great day

Ben Shaffar
Happy belated Roney!

Dominic J. Latkovski
G'day Mate! Happy belated b-day! How are things in Cairns?
"Thank You" ... from Brett
... and a new garden hose ...
... plus the fittings and nozzles ...
... and a five litre sprayer ...
Saturday 18th March 2017