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New Years Eve / Day

Wednesday 31st December 2014 ... Thursday 1st January 2015


"Golden Drop Sparkling Mango Wine"


When organising her home, we took a bottle of this from the fridge
and kept it to have at "The Stairs" in Trinity Beach
at 10.01pm on her Birthday, Saturday 9th November 2013

Brett was with us and there are a number of photos on THIS page

The Memorial Plaque had not been installed at this time


Earlier today on New Years Eve, Robyn, a neighbour here at Mahogany Village,
came over with a bottle of this saying we had to open it at midnight

We could not believe it ... it is one of Tanya's favourites !!

Robyn and Papa had no idea
and they had bought it from the winery in Mareeba just for us, thinking we would like it

Sharon is adamant that this coincidence is "A Sign" from her Daughter
and it is mentioned again in Melissa Harwood's comment in the Facebook Post
included at the bottom of this page


Click HERE for another reference to Mango Wine on New Years Day in 2016


We did not open it at midnight but visited with Tanya during the day



However, the bottle had to wait until Sharon and Brett had completed 'The Stairs' five times

Running up them two-at-a-time and then walking back down ... and here is Brett ...

... followed by Sharon who is just a little bit behind !!


"A Toast to Tanya Mary"


One of these two needs a whole lot of "grooming" !!


"Mother and Daughter"

Told her that Tanya would be getting mad that she wasn't smiling ... so she did !!



Wednesday 31st December 2014 ... New Years Eve ... Teresa Walker

I know this is early but I hope you have a Fantastic New Year ... both you two and Brett
You guys are an amazing family
I know Tanya Mary will be looking over you guys
And smiling from ear to ear telling her mates up there of all your fantastic achievements !!

Note from Sharon
Thanks Teresa, and we do our best to keep going and enjoy the simple pleasures of life
Tanya did brag about her family ... especially her brother !! ... and I can't see it being any different in Heaven !!
I have a few thoughts about things to do in 2015 ... and time will tell
I feel Tanya around all the time and I am glad she is ... it makes it much easier to continue on as she would want us to
Love to you Teresa and your family and best wishes in the challenges you choose for 2015