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designed and made with sadness and love by Sharon's Sister / Tanya's Aunty, Fiona Pearce
Note from Sharon

On Friday 10th March 2017, I had contacted Andria because we hadn’t caught up in a while
and I wanted to see if and when we could have a coffee

!! I got a huge surprise !!

from andria

from sharon

She told me she was in the middle of selling her unit, packing up and moving to Brisbane to be closer to her family

Then, on Sunday 19th March, we met at her place before going out

As we were looking through she showed me Tanya’s Quilt and asked me if I would like her to leave it with me

In my mind I wanted to say "Yes – give it to me !!"
but it was made for her so I said I would like it but she had to be sure that is what she wanted to do

We had a lovely catch up
and we chatted a lot about Tanya which was good because they had shared some great times together and we had some laughs

As I was leaving we talked about the Quilt again and she suggested I swap the Cushion for the Quilt
I said "Yes !!"

We are able to hang the Quilt at our place and Andria will have the Cushion on her chair in Brisbane!

The Cushion has been sitting on my chair for a few years now and I will miss seeing it there but I have photos!!

Andria came in to work on Friday 31st March and we had a smoothie at the coffee shop and then "did the swap"
We took some photos too

As has been said before, we wouldn’t even have the Quilt or Cushion if it wasn’t for Andria
but life has to go own and I am thrilled that Tanya’s Quilt has come home to us !!


The Cushion ... before Sharon took it in to work on Friday

Sharon's Computer Desktop

Sharon and Andria ... "Making the Swap"

?? What Now ??

For the time being the Quilt will hang from one of the curtain rails in our bedroom
However, when it's like this, only one side can be seen so a "Special Quilt Hanger" is being organised (HERE)