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Tanya at Trinity Beach

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this page updated on Sunday 14th May 2017


One of Tanya's favourite spots was Trinity Beach
where she would buy a coffee and sit and talk with friends
or just sit under a tree reading a book

This part of the Esplanade was also important ... "The Stairs"
Running up and down them many times,
these were a part of lots of Crossfit Sessions she organised


Memorial #01

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

for all the details along with thirteen photos

Memorial #02

Thursday 24th April 2014

for all the details along with twenty five photos

Sunday 26th February 2017
New Flowers for Our Girl


Saturday 4th March 2017
A visit from Two Young Ladies
ELLIE - blue dress..........LILY - pink dress
They picked some flowers and left them with Tanya



They chose the Frangipani growing near The Stairs and hooked them into the Christmas Tree ... A Really Nice Thought !!



Thursday 16th March 2017
Melissa Harwood running The Stairs !!
Sunday 2nd April 2017
A visit from Clare Pearn
Friend and Neighbour from here at Mahogany Village
Clare to Sharon
"your Stair running is very impressive"
Monday 17th April 2017
A visit from Neela Buraczewski

there are enlargements of these photos further below





Saturday 22nd April 2017
A visit from Melissa Harwood and Christine Ithier

Sharon and Christine on The Stairs

Flowers left for Tanya Mary

Christine and Melissa


"Three Days in May"

Four Years

Ride for Tanya

Mother's Day



for all the details
along with hundreds of Facebook Comments
and dozens of Videos and Photos


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