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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Auntie (Coudrey)

Evelyn Maude Coudrey

born 24th September 1908---------------died 19th July 1978

Daughter of Charles Ephraim and Mary Elizabeth Coudrey
Tanya and Brett's Great-Grand-Parents

Married George Henry Knowles ... and then Jack Johnson


An email from Wally Knowles ... Monday 11th February 2013

I have attached a photo of my mother taken in 1943 ... she would have been 34
Also one of my father, George Henry Knowles ... he would have been 38
He was a Sergeant on the Medical Corps
and served on a hospital ship bringing the wounded back from New Guinea

From Sharon to Wally ... Tuesday 19th February 2013

Hi Wally
My Dad always said that I was the only one in our family that resembled the "Coudrey Side"
In particular your Mother !!
And I can see myself a little around the eyes and mouth in this shot of her
Both of your parents photos are really great


NOTE - there are enlargements of these photos below