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"The Early Years"


The "Facts and Figures" listed below are the result
of many hours research completed by Wally Knowles

Wally, pictured here with his wife Dulcie in October 2009,
is the son of Evelyn Maude Knowles
Evelyn was the sister of Sharon's father, Ronald Coudrey
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Over the last few years, Wally has contributed lots of
information to both The Coudrey and Knowles
Family Histories and has now offered to help out
with the Raneberg's in Prussia and their arrival in Australia

!! Thank You, Wally !!



Some of the information below has not yet been confirmed or linked to this Raneberg / Roneberg Family History
and has been included here for future reference purposes
!! research is a time consuming occupation !! but you never know what will be discovered next !!


Tuesday 12th March 2013

This is the Evangelical Church in Tucheim Germany which your relatives may or may not have attended !!

Thursday 14th March 2013

You said the family name in Prussia was Raneberg but I have found a Roneberg in Rutenberg

Gottfried Roneberg married a Sophie Burmeister there and they had a child Johann Gottfried Roneberg who was born on 15th December 1813 and christened on 2nd January 1814

Roneberg has an 'umlaut' over the letter 'o' which changes the pronunciation from Ron to Rorn

I have attached the extract from the church ledger
I think it's a baptism as there are six people named with them and these are probably God-Parents ... there wouldn't be names listed with a wedding

(click HERE to see a 'super-sized' version of the image below)

Saturday 16th March 2013

Here is another Raneberg baptism from the 1815 Church Baptism Ledger

.....................First column lists the number of the entry in Baptism Ledger and the surname ... 35 RANEBERG
.....................Second column lists the date and time of birth ... ?? April
.....................Third column lists the date of the baptism ... 9th April
.....................Fourth column lists the Christian names of the child ... Johann Ferdinand
.....................Fifth column lists the name and position of the father ... Johann Frederick Raneberg
.....................Sixth column lists the maiden name of the mother ... Johanna Fredericka nee Neubert
.....................Seventh column lists the names of the God-Parents which I have omitted as being irrelevant

I can't read any other details !!

(click HERE to see a 'super-sized' version of the image below)

Wednesday 20th March 2013
please refer to Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March 2013 below

In reference to Section #08

You state that Johann was born before they left for Australia, but so was Marie who was born in 1860
Wilhelmina was born in the English Channel and her birth was registered on Isle of Man
......(click HERE for more detail)

You made it hard with Dorothea
......(click HERE for more detail)
Apparently she wasn't born until 1871 ( not 1864 ) and she married John Bell on 26th October 1892 ... he was born on 4th July 1867
This wasn't his first marriage as he was previously married to Ellen Lugg

Friday 22nd March 2013
please refer to Saturday 23rd March 2013 below

In reference to Section #08

I sure had a run around with the Dorothea Maria Raneberg and John Bell connection
......(click HERE for more detail)

John Bell married twice

The first time to Ellen Lugg who was born on 9th August 1856 and this took place on 20th June 1877

If he was born on 4th July 1867, his age in this marriage would have been just ten years !!

Went pokimg around and found that he was actually born on 17th April 1856 and christened on 4th June 1856

Was this a clerical error or did he put his age down by a number of years when he married Dorothea Raneberg ??
I'm inclined to agree with the latter

John and Ellen had two children ... John Joseph on 3rd August 1879 and Ellen Gertrude on 4th January 1882
This second birth was a terrible tragedy
Ellen must have suffered dreadfully and died two months afterwards on the 13th February 1882
Looks like the child was in a bad way, too, and died another two months later on 14th April 1882

John remained a widower until he married Dorothea on 26th October 1892 in Port Augusta South Australia

John and Dorothea had six children
Maria on 3rd August 1893, John on 27th November 1894, Helena on 23rd February 1896, Emma on 28th May 1898, Annie on 9th October 1899 and Clarence on 24th November 1900

Don't know if you have room for all of this, but I had to solve "the age" that John had recorded !!

Saturday 23rd March 2013

In reference to Section #08

I went down to the Library this morning and did more checking on the Raneberg / Bell dates

Looks like Dorothea WAS born in 1864 ( according to government records ) and not 1871
She stated that she was twenty eight when she married in 1892

John Bell apparently lied on both Marriage Certificates
Stated he was twenty four when he married Ellen Lugg on 20th June 1877 when he was actually twenty one
Also lied on 26th October 1892 when he married Dorothea when he stated he was twenty eight when he was actually thirty six

Sorry about all this !!

Sunday 24th March 2013

My Family giving you a hard time, eh !! ...... 'tis a bit funny !!

I am at the moment putting all your notes together to upload to the Web Site

Sunday 7th April 2013

I have found a Maria Fuss who was born on 16th September 1824 if this is any good to you......(click HERE Sections #11 and #08)
She was the daughter of Johann Fuss and Clara Vilz

I can't find a Martin Raneberg anywhere
......(click HERE Sections #15 and #12)