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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Coudrey)

Joseph William Coudrey and Emily Louisa Coudrey (nee Hill)


Joseph and Emily's Son



Joseph Edward Coudrey


born 17th September 1867
died 17th August 1952


Federal Capital City Design Competition
1911 / 1912
... Canberra ... Australia


Article from ... ... Thursday 5th April 2012


Giving Canberra's would-be designers their "Day in the Sun"

Do you, dear readers, have the foggiest idea how many entries were received for the Federal Capital City Design Competition ... won of course by Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin?

If you do have a foggy idea then the answer that comes to you through the fog is probably 137

One hundred and thirty seven has been the accepted wisdom because that's how many the Minister for Home Affairs and overseer of the competition, King O'Malley, said at the time (early 1912) had been received
But in his lecture "Tall Tales And True: Canberra's Lost American Narratives" to a select audience at the US Embassy last week, historian David Headon, historian-at-large in the official Canberra Centenary preparations, said that there were many things about the competition that are not well known

''There were, for example, many more entries than 137"

The month of March, 1912, was clearly the culling month
Constant, credible newspaper reports, and O'Malley's own comments, suggest at least 200 entries, perhaps as many as 400

''Tough trimming of the mass took place for sure, and, ultimately, within the 137, it must have been decided to have a small, representative selection of the 'non-professional' entries
So we have, within this ratified field, a journalist, miner, butcher, clerk, house furnisher, French polisher,
chemist, accountant, teacher, stockbroker, wool sorter, gardener, draper, grazier and, no doubt reaching for the stars, an astronomer"

''Many of the culled, I'm sure, would have been just as interesting ... and a few have fortunately survived
Let's give them their centenary day in the sun"

Other entrants, the culled, included:-

Lyon Sab Fares Cavalier, born in Kafra, Lebanon, the Maitland optician who would alas be denied

Joseph Edward Coudrey, the Walsall, Staffordshire native, cum Adelaide chemist and author of 'A Perfume Prelude' and 'Fragna Voicelets' and 'Eau de France'
Coudrey, too, would be denied

This columnist promises to solicit Dr Headon's cerebral help in reporting more about these colourful entrants who competed in vain for the glory of designing a nation's capital city and for the potentially life-changing winning, second and third prizes of £1750, £750 and £500 respectively


Email to ... ... Monday 9th April 2012


Reference ... Information on a Recent Article

Good Morning

My name is Geoff Roneberg, and I live in Cairns North Queensland

One of my "hobbies" is researching both mine and my wife's Family Histories
My wife's maiden name is 'COUDREY' and details can be seen by clicking HERE

Using Google Search, I discovered this article which was published on Thursday 5th April 2012

... and here is an extract from the article ...

Now, this Mr Joseph Edward Coudrey is my wife's great-great Uncle ... and details and photos of Joseph can be seen by going to Section #08 on the above Family History Link

You will notice that the information includes the family's arrival in Australia from Walsall, Joseph's Chemist Shop in Adelaide, etc, etc ... but we had no idea that he had submitted an entry into the "Canberra Design Competition" !!

The last paragraph in this Canberra Times article is ...

Is it possible to have contact with this Columnist ??

Naturally, I will now continue to search for more information ... but we would like to be advised should he or Dr Headon discover more details on Joseph and his entry into this Competition
A copy of Joseph's submission would be terrific !!

I'm sure you can appreciate that this is very exciting for us and the rest of the Coudrey Family !!

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you and / or your Columnist
Regards ...... Geoff

and now CLICK HERE for more correspondence following The Canberra Times article



1910 ... Panoramic view of Federal Capital site, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory


1909 ... Federal Capital site survey camp

1910 ... Portrait of Federal Capital site surveyors


and click HERE to read the above Brochure


Information for Competitors

Competition Design of Federal Capital City, Commonwealth of Australia
Cartographic Material

click HERE for more details ... from The National Library of Australia

click on the
maps below
1 Information, conditions and particulars for guidance in the preparation of competitive designs for the Federal Capital City of the Commonwealth of Australia
2 Map showing rainfall and temperature statistics of the proposed site for the Federal Capital and the surrounding districts
3 Geological survey of the site of the Federal Capital of Australia
4 Map of contour survey of the site for the Federal Capital of Australia ... drawn on stone by Messrs O Fischer and AG von Stach under direction of ES Vautin ... drawn on stone and printed by the Department of Lands Sydney New South Wales from original plan by FJ Broinowski by authority of the Hon Minister for Lands September 1910
5 Map of part of New South Wales Australia showing position of Commonwealth Territory
6 Map of New South Wales Australia 1911
7 Topographical map of the Federal Territory Australia
8 Canberra contour survey ... scale 20 chains to an inch ... compiled drawn and printed at the Department of Lands NSW
9 Reports on the geology of the Federal Capital site
10 On the climate of the Yass-Canberra district


Searching for Joseph Edward Coudrey's Entry

CLICK HERE to go to the above Official Web Site

#01 ... The.-.Shortlist.-.of..-Fourty-Six

and unfortunately Joseph's entry is not amongst them

#02 ... The.-.Disclosed.-.List.-.of.-.One-Hundred-and-Fourty

and unfortunately Joseph's entry is not amongst them either

Version One


Version Two


!! just got to keep on searching !!

?? where did the reference to Joseph's entry in the original article come from ??
In the article at the top of this page, and as well as the one from Joseph,
the entry submitted by "Lyon Sab Fares Cavalier / born in Kafra Lebanon / the Maitland optician" is also mentioned
It is interesting to note that neither of these entries are listed in the 'Disclosed List of One-Hundred-and-Fourty'
The Canberra Times article does mention that there could have been two to four hundred entries in total,
so both Joseph's and Mr Cavalier's must be somewhere in that 'extra' number ... that's okay ... no problem
But where did the reference to these two entries come from ??
Somewhere their names are noted and/or written down, and that is what has to be discovered !!


"Parliament for the People"

Jennifer Wilson, Curator National Museum of Australia, tells us how Australia’s first purpose-built home
for the Commonwealth Parliament was opened with suitable pomp and ceremony in Canberra on 9th May 1927
and includes details on the "Design Competition"

Audio ... duration 50 minutes

If you do not wish to listen to the audio
HERE for a transcript of the interview