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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Hodge)

James Hodge

born 16th April 1854......died 12th June 1938

Christiana Penberthy Hodge (nee Rowe)

born 13th August 1856......died 13th June 1937


Four Generations


A note from Wally Knowles on Wednesday 6th July 2011

This is a shot of Christiana Hodge (nee Rowe) which was taken in 1931

With her are her daughter Clarinda, Clarinda's daughter Gladys, and Gladys' daughter Lois
Clarinda was born in Melbourne on 13th February 1887

As for myself, I well remember visiting the Hodge household when I was about a five year old
I used to take my life in my hands as I had to cross Hart Street and Military Road ... only the good die young !!

My mother always knew when I had visited my great-grand-parents as I came home with a Cornish accent !!

Regards, Wally