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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Grand-Parents (Coudrey)

Charles Ephraim Coudrey and Mary Elizabeth Coudrey (nee Hodge)


Their Children and Grand-Children


NUMBER ONE ... Friday 19th March 1976
Denys and Fiona's Wedding Day

Ronald and Laurel's Children and their Spouses
... Charles and Mary's Grand-Children

On the left in the middle row is Sharon and that's me squatting in front of her
Next in the middle row is Chris with her husband Laurence next to me
Then there is the Bride and Groom, Fiona and Denys
Next to Denys is Anne (dec) with her husband Knowlton on the floor in front
On the far right in the middle row is Lesley with her husband Jon on the floor

Charles and Mary's Children

and Stanley ... behind / next to Sharon
Laurel ... between Chris and Fiona
Ronald ... between Fiona and Denys
Charles ... between Denys and Anne
Evelyn (Auntie Maud) ... between Anne and Lesley


NUMBER TWO ... Sunday 4th May 1975---(see notes below)

Charles and Mary's Children

Ronald ...... Laurel ...... Evelyn ...... Irene ...... Stan


Dating the Above Photo

Wally wrote #01
Can you date Coudrey group photo ??
Looks like early 1980's
Irene seems to be ill with her cancer
She died in 1984
She was always such a live wire

Wally wrote #02
The group photo must be a lot earlier than I first thought
My mother is in it and she died in 1978

Lesley wrote
I know I made Mother's dress for "something special" but I can’t remember what
And I think the curtains behind them were at Greenhill
They moved to Maslins Beach when Paul was two in November 1984

Sharon wrote
The dress Mother is wearing was made by Lesley for our Wedding
So it would have to have been taken after January 1975
Maybe 1975-1976 ??

Lesley wrote
Hi again
Upon reflection !!
Dad was 60 in May 1975
and perhaps that is why Aunty Maud and Uncle Stan and Aunty Irene were at Greenhill
For a party !!

I don’t think they would have necessarily been at Mother’s 60th in 1977
Mother's dress was for Sharon and Geoff's Wedding (I looked at your wedding photo’s)
So that picture was taken in May 1975
I’m not married to a detective for nothing !!