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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Uncle (Coudrey)

Stanley Everington Coudrey

born 4th July 1904---------------died 31st January 1997

Son of Charles Ephraim and Mary Elizabeth Coudrey
Tanya and Brett's Great-Grand-Parents

Married Dorothy Irene Iriam McIntyre on 7th April 1928


Email from Wally Knowles on Tuesday 31st May 2011
Stanley Everington Coudrey was born on 4th July 1904 at Broken Hill and died at Semaphore on 31st January 1997
He was son of Charles Ephraim and Mary Elizabeth Coudrey (nee Hodge)

He married Dorothy Irene Iriam McIntyre on 7th April 1928 at Semaphore Baptist Church
Irene was the daughter of James William McIntyre and Annie Bridges (nee Taylor)
They had two children - Roy Stanley (born 24th April 1930) and Mollie Patricia (born 16th September 1932)

Roy married Patricia Waye (born 30th November 1932) on 20th November 1965 at St John's Church Halifax Street Adelaide
They had only one child - James Stephen (born 20th November 1968)

Mollie married Peter Gore (born 29th January 1928) and they had three children
Gregory John (born 2nd May 1951), Susan Alison (born 8th December 1955) and Lynne Patricia (born 25th March 1963)

Gregory was a Vietnam veteran and could not settle down
He married Lynette Christine Ellis on 1st July 1972 and they had Peter Edward on 6th April 1973
They divorced
He then married Bronwyn Macklin on 30th October 1987 but they separated - no children
I don't know whom he is with now

Susan married Bruce William Banks on 11th April 1987
They had Jonathan William (born 26th June 1989) and are now divorced

Lynne married Stuart McNeil Nicholson on 29th September 1985 and they two children
Kara Marie (born 30th September 1988) and Zeke McNeil (born 16th May 1990)
Stuart was killed in a road accident in 1992

Email from Wally Knowles on Saturday 4th June 2011
Hi Geoff

Thought I should let you know that Peter Gore is in a nursing home with dementia

Mollie now living on her own

Very sad

Regards ... Wally