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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Uncle (Coudrey)

Charles James Joseph Coudrey

born 13th December 1902---------------died 5th April 1980

Son of Charles Ephraim and Mary Elizabeth Coudrey
Tanya and Brett's Great-Grand-Parents

Married Wendla Lindstrom on 13th December 1924


Email from Wally Knowles on Monday 23rd May 2011
Hi Geoff, and here are some notes on Charles James Joseph Coudrey
He died at Vaucluse on 5th April1980, Wendla having preceded him on 4th August 1970
They married at Semaphore Baptist Church on 13th December 1924

They had one child, Robert Charles Lindstrom Coudrey on 15th December 1925
He married Norma Florence McCarthy (born 17th February 1934) on 14th November 1959 at Vaucluse Methodist Church
They had two children - Bruce Gilbert (born 15th December 1960) and Kathryn Wendy (born 17th November 1962)

Bruce married Jane Elizabeth Brunt on 28th March 1987 at West Woolongong Uniting Church
They had three children - Rebecca Jean (born 26th December 1989), Sarah Jane (5th September 1992)
and Alexandra Louise (29th August 1994)

Kathryn married Gregory Paul Shipp on 23rd March 1993
They had two children - Hannah Jane (born 22nd June 1998) and Rachel Heather (30th May 2000)

This photo is of Charles at the height

of his career as an Advertising Agent

Email from Wally Knowles on Tuesday 24th May 2011
Hi Geoff, and I'm just back from our local library and found out about Wendla, wife of Charles Coudrey
She was born in 1898, probably in Finland and was aged 26 at time of their wedding

Her father was Gustav Robert Wolventine Lindstrom and he was born in Finland on 20th September 1862
By the way, as a matter of interest, Gustav married Lucy Ann Dennis on 27th June 1891 and they were both 28 years old

It was Gustav who died on 22nd September 1936 at the age of 74
I can't understand the newspaper 'In Memoriam' item
----------(please refer to THIS page)
He was her father not her husband, which makes for a better understanding when it states from all three,
as he was the father-in-law of Charles and the grandfather of Bobbie
So there was no first husband

Email from Wally Knowles on Tuesday 24th May 2011
More information on Wendla
Apparently she was born on 1st March 1898 in Perth Western Australia
I don't know what her maiden name was,
but she was adopted by Gustav and Lucy who were married at Semaphore on 27th June 1891
It looks like they couldn't have children of their own as I can't find any records of such

Also Lucy was born on 16th May 1863 at Bald Hills in South Australia, the daughter of Henry Dennis and Elizabeth (nee Watson)