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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Father (Coudrey)

Joseph William Coudrey

born 5th July 1843----------------died 31st December 1908


A look at his and his family's Lives

The following article was written by Wally Knowles


An email from Patricia (Pat) Perry - Parkside Baptist Church Historian ... Thursday 9th September 2010

I read in the first paragraph below that "sadly, it has now been torn down"
It was not the Coudrey house that was demolished but the house to the north of it
That site is now the car park for an office building facing Greenhill Road

An email from Wally Knowles ... Sunday 12th June 2011

In reference to the fifth paragraph below
Hi Geoff
Looking through some more of my notes, I don't think he ever went to Broken Hill, though of course, his son, Charles, did
Joseph started work with the Electricity and Water Supply (E.&W.S.) as a clerk on 1st March 1880
He deducted five years from his age and told them he was born in 1848 not 1843
In 1888 he transferred to the Engineer-in-Chief's department
He rose to Clerk 5th Class
Being now staff, his salary was calculated yearly
His wage was £160 a year on 1st June 1888 and rose by £10 a year each January
He resigned on 31st July 1905, no doubt through ill health
He was riddled with arthritis and had much pain before he died in 1908
I wonder if his illness had something to do with Gerty's fall from grace in her last year as a teacher in 1908
Regards, Wally

A note from Geoff ... Thursday 15th November 2012

The third paragraph below mentions that Joseph William Coudrey built his own pipe organ in the backyard
There is now a photo of this organ !! ... and simply click
HERE and scroll down the page