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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Coudrey)

Joseph William Coudrey and Emily Louisa Coudrey (nee Hill)


Illuminated Address ... Framed Portraits

A Presentation from the Parkside Baptist Church


The Adelaide Advertiser ... Saturday 24th June 1893

and "Wednesday last" would have been Wednesday 21st June 1893


"The Illuminated Address"

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Text Only Copy


"Two Large Framed Portraits"

On Sunday 3rd March 2013, the J W Coudrey Memorial Pipe Organ at the Parkside Baptist Church turned 100 years old
and details on these Centenary Celebrations can be seen by clicking

On behalf of the Coudrey Family, John and Lesley Richards (nee Coudrey ... Sharon's sister)
along with their daughter Eirona and her two children, Bridget and Samuel, were able to attend

Molly Gore (nee Coudrey ... the daughter of Sharon's father's brother, Stanley) also went along

Prior to the Service, Lesley did a lot of searching trying to locate these two portraits ... but without any luck

I contacted Wally Knowles (the son of Sharon's father's sister, Evelyn) and here is his reply from Saturday 9th March 2013

"I had not heard of these two portraits until five months after my mother's death in 1978
My sister-in-law said they were in the garage
I went around to the new owners but they knew nothing of the portraits
Looks like a sad loss"


it does not look promising ... BUT ... has anyone further information on their whereabouts