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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Coudrey)

Kate Hill, sister of Emily Louisa Coudrey (nee Hill)

Joseph Coudrey was born in 1835 in Walsall Staffordshire England and Emily was born in 1845
They migrated to Adelaide South Australia in 1879 aboard the ship "CUZCO"

He had been owner of a pig-iron foundry in Staffordshire but, with a slump in the industry
migrated to Adelaide bringing his wife, family and in-laws with him

The group included Kate Hill, sister of Coudrey's wife Emily Louisa, nee Hill
Orphaned early Kate lived with the Coudreys

Alice Tibbits, her friend, also emigrated,
the pair becoming authorities in the training of nurses and hospital management


Gravesite and Headstone

plus information on the "Saltmarsh Family"


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Mitcham General Cemetery

Adelaide South Australia

these photos were taken during 2007



An email from Wally Knowles on Friday 17th June 2011

I was looking at your cemetery photo of Kate Hill and her niece ... Olive Mary Saltmarsh ... when I decided to find out more about the latter

She was born on 20th August 1887

Her siblings were Elsie Frances (born 21st April 1884), Gladys Kathleen (born 26th January 1894) and William Harold (born 1st October 1885 ... sadly he only lasted ten weeks and died on 15th December 1885)

Her parents were William Henry Saltmarsh (born 4th July 1855) and Annie Eliza Hill (born in 1863)
They married on 3rd July 1883 at Joseph Coudrey's house in Parkside
William was twenty eight and Annie twenty at the time of their marriage

William's parents were William and Sarah Saltmarsh

William snr and William jnr were both born in Brighton, Sussex

William died on 30th July 1919 and Annie died on 28th January 1932

William's mother, Sarah, died on 18th March 1884 ... just eight months after his wedding and a month before her first granddaughter was born

Olive Mary, of course, didn't marry, but her sisters did
Elsie Frances married Hugh Edward Tucker and they had two children ... Hugh William on 6th June 1917 and David Thomas on 17th August 1921
Gladys married Leslie Wadmore Linn and they had three children ... Howard Wadmore on 21st September 1921, John Malcolm on 9th December 1924 and Kathleen Helen on 24th April 1927

Hope this fills out your knowledge of Annie Hill, Joseph Coudrey's sister-in-law

Regards, Wally