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Sergeant Ronald Hill Coudrey

NOTE - these records are as received from the National Archives during June 2010
and the original size of the documents has been retained for clarity and to make
them easier to read ... some of the pages are very wide and it will be necessary
to use both the 'left/right' and 'up/down' scroll bars to read the information


Service And Casualty Form

There are two sets of this form below
The first shows an enlistment date of 3rd March 1941 and covers the period from 15th March 1941 until 17th June 1941
The second has the enlistment date as 17th March 1941 and covers from 12th June 1941 through to14th October 1944
It appears the 17th March is the 'official' date and is the one used on The Nominal Roll and Certificate of Service


1941 - 17th March Date of Enlistment
1941 - 12th June Called up for Full Time Duty
1941 - 12th June

Promoted to Corporal

1941 - 1st September Commenced Tech ? Course at Burnside Technical School
Very difficult to read ... it could be 'Tech Tng Course' meaning 'Technical Training Course' ... also, at the end of the line, it looks like 'Clerks Serial 6' ... but I cannot find any reference to this at either the Australian War Memorial or National Archives web sites
1941 - 20th December Completed above Course
1942 - 6th November Promoted to Acting Sergeant
1942 - 9th November

Evacuated to 105 AMH ... hernia operation

From the Australian War Memorial web site:-
105 AMH = 105th Australian Military Hospital

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These two photos of
the walkways around
the hospital were taken
in early 1944

1942 - 2nd December

Admitted to Lady Galway Convalescent Home

1942 - 15th December Rejoined unit
1943 - 25th January

Rank of Sergeant confirmed

1943 - 29th January Medical Class reassessed as "B"
1943 - 16th September Daughter born
1944 - 13th January Tested and suitable as Topographical Drawer
1944 - 14th March Next of Kin change of address recorded
1944 - 1st April

Qualified at #31 in Infantry Weapons and Minor Tactics Course

1944 - 1st May Attended refresher course for Junior Leaders School
1944 - 27th July

Medical Class reassessed as "B2" due to (1) folliculitis and (2) unknown / unreadable
Using a magnifying glass, the reason (2) looks like 'old apd condition' and that might be 'old appendix condition'

From the Australian War Memorial web site:-
Medical classification 2B = fit for any duty other than with field formations




for more information

1944 - 11th October Transferred for Discharge

From the Australian War Memorial web site:-
SA LofC Area = South Australia Lines of Communication Area
RR & GDD = Recruit Reception and General Details Depot
1944 - 14th October Discharged ... AMR&O 184 ... Memo 66489
Was this a medical discharge ??
The 'AMR&O 184' is 'Australian Military Regulations and Orders #184a(I)(h)' as mentioned on Ronald Coudrey's 'For Discharge Form'
A copy of memo #66489 was not in the information supplied by the National Archives