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Glo-Mesh Compact

Unmarked ... Unknown Maker

A note from Sharon on Wednesday 28th January 2009

The compact belonged to my Mother ... I can remember her using it
She only ever used Oil of Ulan moisturiser, compact powder and red lipstick
...... and she was always amazed at all the cosmetics we used !!
When we were sorting her things out after the funeral we gave the compact to Tanya or she chose it
I am not sure which ... but it is really Tanya's now !!



As mentioned above, Sharon's compact is unmarked ... but here is the story on "1970's Mesh"

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Oroton began trading as Boyd Lane & Co in Sydney in 1938, originally focused on the importing of luxurious fabrics from Japan and Europe to meet the need of the burgeoning fashion industry in Australia and New Zealand
Oroton expanded in the 1950’s into the design and manufacture of beautiful gold and silver compact cases and the 1960’s saw Oroton grow and evolve further with a distinctive jewellery, leather and silk scarf offering
The 1970’s were, in one word, all about Mesh!
The 1980’s welcomed the era of the Italianesque brown leather handbag and briefcase, and in the 1990’s the classic and timeless black bag reigned
In the 2000’s Oroton has been reborn as the leading Australian accessories brand - designed by Australians and New Zealanders and sold proudly around the world
Understanding and interpreting local and international trends to produce beautifully crafted, timeless pieces of the highest quality remains the central tenet of everything we do
In 1954 Oroton created a powder compact with an inlaid mesh lid and Australia’s love affair with mesh began
Wherever we go, people share their special memories of Oroton with us
Is it true that in every bottom drawer an Oroton handbag nestles in tissue, carefully stored away in the original box?
Oroton enamel mesh bags have been there at graduations, weddings, the airport as you waved goodbye, the anniversary dinner, the first date, the races, the office party, the smart lunch, your first trip abroad ... woven into the very fabric of Australian life
Exquisite crystal evening bags, handcrafted in Germany and finished with fine filigree metalwork, have long been a hallmark of the Oroton luxury experience
Numbered limited editions have been eagerly collected through the years
The ultimate rendition of this crystal heritage is now available in the Bespoke Collection
Metal Mesh - the essential accessory of the 70’s disco era
Mesh in shining gold and silver was an exciting addition to the Oroton Collection
Slinky shoulder bags with snake chains, coin purses, sinuous belts, lighters, compacts, spectacle cases ... everything a modern woman in the 70’s wanted


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Number 01

Deco Goldmesh powder compact - good condition!! - never used!! - this compact also has a pouch but the outside of this is showing signs of age - an unusual piece and just what collectors like to find - this compact was listed with a Buy-it-Now price of $34.99 - January 2009
Did not sell @ $34.99
Auction cancelled by the seller