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"The Coudrey Clan"




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Lots of photos were taken of the "Coudrey Clan" as they were growing up during the
1950's and 1960's ... and these had been kept as slides

Lesley, Sharon's sister, was able to borrow a 'slide-scanner' during April 2008
and started transferring these shots into a digital format

Below is the start ... and apparently there is a heap more to come!!

Now, simply click on the thumbnail images to see these "Olde Time Photos"

NOTE - you will see that some of the pages are not complete ... still waiting for dates, names, etc
That is Sharon's job!! ... to rack-her-memory ... and as she sends me info, it will be added to the pages
(page updated on Saturday 4th September 2010)


Sharon with her Family, Relations and Friends

Sharon and Erina

Lesley, Sharon, Knowlton,
Fiona and Laurence

Fiona and Sharon

Fiona, Ann,
Erina and Sharon

Fiona, Erina and Sharon

Lynette, Erina, Julie,
Fiona and Sharon

Sharon, Erina and Fiona

Sharon and Fiona

Les, Sharon and Colleen

Fiona and Sharon

Sharon and Jillian

Fiona and Dad and Sharon

Fiona, Erina, Ann,
Sharon and Aunty Audrey

Christmas Card
Knowlton, Mother, Lesley,
Laurence, Sharon,
Dad and Fiona

Sharon and Fiona

Dancing Awards
Sharon, Fiona and Erina

Other Photos

Knowlton's 21st Birthday
(1968 and 2010)

Knowlton and Laurence



Details on photo page

Details on photo page

The 4th May


Erina and "Polly"

Erina and "Doll"

Kathleen Pearce

Hutton Wedding

Singsong at Largs Bay

Birthday Cake
and Easter Eggs

Doll Birthday Cake

Dolls for Christmas Card