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Tuesday 25th March 2008

Timber Jewellery Box

A note from Geoff

!! A 'Surprise Present' for Sharon !!


---The Auction Details

Beautiful Old Collectable Wooden Jewellery Box

A great item is up for grabs!!
A lovely old collectable!!
This is a very nice box with a lovely design on the glass
It is in good condition
The box measures 33.5cm high and 25cm wide and 14cm deep
This would be fantastic for any collection of jewellery
Don't miss out on this great offer!!

A question I sent to the seller during the auction
Hi ya, and I like this and it would look great sitting on my Darling Wife's antique dressing table!!
I have a question though
In the photos, the little cupboard appears to be in EXCELLENT condition
and I cannot spot any 'knicks, scratches, bumps or bruises'
But in your description you describe it as being in just GOOD condition
Is there a problem or two with the unit, or are you just 'being very careful' with your description?
And finally, and this is probably an impossible request, but do you have any idea of it's age and history?
Thanks for your time, and Good Luck with the auction
Regards, Geoff

......and the reply
Hi Geoff
Yes, the glass is free from any damage or sractches
Also, I try to be careful in my descriptions - I don't like to overrate my items!
Overall, this is a nice little unit
I am not sure of it's history
Regards, Deceased Estate Auctions

Item location - Sydney, New South Wales Australia
This auction ended on Tuesday 25th March 2008
The starting price was set at $0.99 and there were fifteen bids during the auction
I won!! --- with a bid of $43.00 plus postage and insurance


More Photos

33.5cm high and 25cm wide and 14cm deep


Other......Auctions for similar Boxes

......for a price comparison!!!


Auction #01

This auction is from the same seller - he had two of these jewellery boxes for sale - this one looks a bit knocked around - plus it is a little bit smaller - it's size is 26cm high and 22cm wide and 14cm deep - but more importantly, it is made from a timber of a much lighter colour and would not match the rest of our bedroom's "look"!! - March 2008
Final selling price - $33.00


Auction #02

Here I have a fantastic Jewellery Box with four drawers and a door that opens on the right to hang necklaces etc on the provided swivel hook - this unit is new without a box - the wood is dark - March 2008
Final selling price - $10.50


Auction #03

With a mahogany wood finish, this wonderful cabinet Jewellery Box will house all your pretty pieces in elegance and style - this is a new item - size is 24cm x 11cm x 29.5cm - March 2008
Final selling price - $43.00


Auction #04
Similar in style and layout to Sharon's

This absolutely gorgeous wooden Jewellery Box has heaps of storage room for all those special pieces - it has been newly hand painted and decorated in antique white, with pale pink roses with deep pink and white highlights - touches of gold around the edges add to the shabby chic look - it has been finished with several coats of non yellowing high gloss to protect the artwork and making it easy to clean - in the large section there is a rotating necklace hanger to keep all those necklaces in order and easy to find - there are four small sections in the base of this section which would be handy for ear rings and small pieces - rings and brooches have their own push-in section in the top of the other side - under this are three drawers for all sorts of other items - the whole box and drawers are fully lined with pretty dusty pink velvet - both doors have lovely painted panels at the base and above them are two glass panels with etched floral patterns on them - it measures 24cm wide x 32cm high x 13cm deep - April 2008
Final selling price - $42.55


Auction #05

The Jewelery Box is two tone brown - it is mirror backed with a necklace holder - there are ring spaces either side - it also has two drawers - the box has patterned glass doors - it is in good clean condition - April 2008
Final selling price - $18.00


Auction #06
Similar in style and layout to Sharon's

This auction is for a beautiful solid timber Jewellery Box - it is large with three drawers which are all felt lined - there are six rows of ring slots - plus a necklace turnstile for hanging all your chains and bracelets on - it is mirrored back to hanging section - glass leadlight doors with old style metal openers - the whole outside of this gorgeous jewellery box has been re-sanded and revarnished to a superb high gloss finish - there is a key inside which you attach to the back and turn and it's supposed to play music but I can't get it to play, so you could say that's the only fault to this lovely item - it measures 33cm high x 24cm wide x 14.5cm deep - superb quality - it has been used but is still in excellent condition - the new price was $99.95, and it still has the tag on the back showing it was bought from Harris Scarffe - April 2008
Final selling price - $26.00