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Cleopatra Necklace

Age - at least 35 years!! - see below

A note from Geoff on Thursday 7th February 2008

Over the years, Sharon has worn many 'things' around her neck
Of all of them, this would be my favourite !!
Due to it's condition, it is unwearable now ...... unfortunately
It desparately needs replating
I wonder how much that would cost ???

A note from Sharon on Friday 8th February 2008


--Auctions for similar Necklaces

......for a price comparison!!


Auction #01

Cleopatra Necklace
Made from silver ... I think!!
This necklace is old and is a very special piece!!
It is a beautiful item and I am only selling due to moving
Item location - Eleebana, New South Wales Australia
This auction ended on Thursday 7th February 2008
The starting price was set at $14.00 and there was one bid during the auction
The final selling price was $14.00


More photos of Sharon's Necklace

......and here is Sharon ...... wearing the necklace

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