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Sunday 25th March 2007

Yes, it's another book to add to Sharon's growing library!!!

Tala 163 Kitchen Aids Catalogue
by Anne Anson

--The Ebay Auction

Vintage Retro Tala 163 Kitchen Aids Catalogue
For auction is this Tala 163 Kitchen Aids Catalogue
This booklet is in excellent condition, having only slight wear, commensurate with age
Within this book are pictures and catalogue numbers for various 'Tala' brand products
as well as "Doveridge Plastic Coated Wireware"
"Gainsborough" enamelware and
"Tala" matched colourware canister sets and food safes
The catalog is twenty-three pages long
The book measures 14cm tall and 11cm wide

Item location - Bendigo, Victoria Australia
This auction ended on Sunday 25th March 2007
The starting price was set at $10.00 and there was one bid during the auction
Ours!!! - and we paid $10.00 plus postage and insurance


More page photos that were included in the auction details


Below are a few items that might be listed in this catalogue

NOTE - these photos are from various Ebay Auctions during March 2007