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A Set of Seven Jane Austen Novels

Folio Society

A note from Geoff on Monday 22nd January 2007
Out for a drive yesterday, we were heading down the Captain Cook Highway
when we spotted a "Garage Sale" sign
Naturally we followed the signs-and-arrows!!
Sharon saw this set of books and said - "I want these!!"
We then realised that we didn't have any cash money on us,
so Sharon stayed at the Sale with the books in her hand
while I drove home to get some cash!!!

Sharon had a close look at them when we got home,
and she reckons they are basically like brand new!!
No marks, no bent pages - perfect!!

The price we paid?? --- $5.00!!
and this seems to be a bargain when compared to the prices
detailed further down this page!!



The Cover on each of the Novels



This is the title page from "Northanger Abbey"
with each of the books being the same as this




Jane Austen

(16 Dec 1775 - 18 July 1817)

There are hundreds of web sites devoted to the life and writings of this author

This site is a starting point......

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What Makes Folio Society Books Special
by Joe Whitlock Blundell

Great books should be outstanding not only in literary content but also in their physical form - this has been the philosophy of The Folio Society since its inception almost sixty years ago
Our pleasure in reading is enhanced by the book itself, in which typography, illustration, paper, printing and binding all play a major part in creating a harmonious whole

In a world of declining publishing standards, where most books are cheaply printed and bound using low-grade materials, The Folio Society resolutely and unrepentantly sets store by traditional values of excellence; for our designers and production personnel the term 'quite good' means 'no good' - only the best is good enough

The Fine Book has an illustrious history - from illuminated manuscripts through the early days of printing, when masters such as Gutenberg, Caxton and Aldus Manutius set high standards for the rest to follow, and continuing with the Fine Press movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries
All these books were produced to perfectionist standards, designed to please discerning book-lovers not just of their own time but for generations to come

At The Folio Society we are proud to claim our place in this tradition, respecting but never slavishly imitating the styles of the past, and devising and creating the very best books for the 21st century

The Illustrations
All Folio Society fiction, poetry and drama titles contain illustrations from the finest exponents of their art in the world today - almost all commissioned fresh for our editions
Great care is taken to choose the right artist for every book, suiting their particular skills to the literary work under consideration
Some artists are household names, others are newcomers on the threshold of their career - what they have in common is an uncompromising dedication to their craft, a commitment to striving towards perfection which rises above mere commercial considerations
The illustrations in the earliest printed books were engraved on wooden blocks, and for many people this medium remains the epitome of high-quality book illustration
Many Folio Society books are illustrated in this way, with up to 100 finely engraved blocks in each book, a task which may keep the artist-craftsman employed for a year or more
As well as wood engraving, Folio artists employ a wide variety of other methods including etching, linocut and auto-lithography
Whether the artist works in pencil or ink, paints in watercolour, oil, gouache or some other medium, we take the utmost care to ensure the highest possible quality of reproduction, and specify a variety of different papers to best suit the character of the work
Folio non-fiction titles - historical texts, biographies and the like - are generously illustrated with reproductions of work of the appropriate period, from illuminated manuscripts through a range of engravings, etchings, paintings as well as contemporary photographs
All are reproduced and printed with the same care and attention to detail as the newly commissioned artists' work

The Binding Designs
Above all, the feature that distinguishes folio books from most others produced today is the rich variety and sophistication of the binding designs
A wide range of traditional materials - such as buckram, cotton, silk or leather - is employed for the bindings
These costly fabrics are the foundation upon which the artists and designers produce their creations
Sometimes their designs are printed in ink, but more often they are blocked - that is to say, impressed with foil into the surface of the material and frequently the two processes are employed together
The keynote of Folio binding designs is variety - a Folio library does not contain row after row of volumes, uniform in format, style and material, but offers a more complex harmony, achieved from variations of colour, materials and typographical styles, reflecting the different subject matter of individual books

The Typography
The heart of a well-designed book is its words, and at Folio an immense amount of creative energy is spent on the typography which communicates these words to the reader
Good typography is pleasing to the eye, but never intrusive - consideration for the reader is paramount
In Folio books you will find a generous type-size, spacing and margins, embellished where appropriate with attractive display type and a restrained use of ornaments
In the typography of Folio books the traditional virtues of legibility and elegance are paramount, yet there is still immense scope for typographic inventiveness, and a wide variety of typefaces, both traditional and contemporary, is employed
Each one is carefully chosen to suit the character of the individual book

The Paper
The papers for Folio Society books are produced by a small number of European mills, chosen for their ability to produce the highest quality papers with absolute consistency
The selection of paper for a particular book will involve deciding on a shade and character which harmonises with the illustrations and binding materials
Books printed on inferior stocks will go brown and brittle within a few years - all Folio books are printed on wood-free and acid-free paper, designed for reading and rereading over many generations

Printing and Binding
After such care has been taken over the design, both inside and out, it is essential that the manufacturing processes maintain the highest standards in every copy that is produced
The printing of every book, whether in black-and-white or colour, is monitored closely for evenness of ink-weight (particularly important when engravings are printed with the text) and freedom from blemishes
Folio binding designs are of a complexity of design and materials which places them in a class of their own, and they require exceptional manufacturing standards
All books are sewn in 16-page sections - this gives strength to the book and enables the pages to be opened flat with ease
There are decorative head and tailbands - also gilded or coloured top edges where we feel they are appropriate
The endpapers, in a wide array of colours, are often printed with maps, illustrations or other designs
Most important of all, the books are hardback-bound to the highest standard, so that they not only look well on the shelves but are always a pleasure to open and read

The Slipcase
A distinctive feature of Folio Society books which immediately strikes the eye is their presentation not in dust-jackets but in slipcases - the traditional protective covering for fine editions
The dustjacket evolved in the 20th century as a marketing device designed to catch the eye in a crowded bookshop
It does not, however, protect the book, and is itself easily damaged
With Folio books the design emphasis is on the binding itself, a permanent part of the book
Fine bindings need protection from dust and light, and this is furnished by the slipcase, a robust box covered in coloured paper, sometimes ornamented with printing or blocking
Copyright - 2004 The Folio Society


A similar set for sale at the above bookstore
(as at Monday 22nd January 2007)

A note from Sharon
This is a 1993 set, whereas mine was printed in 1996

Complete Works - Jane Austen
Seven volumes, including:-
------Mansfield Park
------Northanger Abbey
------Pride and Prejudice
------Sense and Sensiibility, and
------Shorter Works
Eleventh reprint of the 1975 edition, with woodcuts by Joan Hassall, and introduction by Richard Church
In quarter maroon buckram cloth covers, with cream paper decorated by maroon sprigs, and gilt titling and decoration on spine
All books are fine, internally clean and unmarked, with minimal fading of spine on four volumes
In near fine maroon slipcase with gilt decoration, showing minimal dist marking at edges
Bibliographic Details
Publisher - Folio Society, London
Publication Date - 1993
Binding - Paper Covered Boards
Illustrator - Joan Hassall
Book Condition - Fine
Dust Jacket Condition - No Jacket
Book Price - GBP95.00 = AUD$237.84


--Auctions for similar book sets

Auction #01

A note from Sharon
This is a 1997 set, whereas mine was printed in 1996

The Complete Austen Novels - Folio Society
Seven volumes by Jane Austen
An opportunity to purchase this 1997 printed classic book set from this qorld renowned publisher
Fine books in a fine slipcase
There is minor storage and shelf rub to the base of the case
Beautifully illustrated
The books included in this set are:-
------Northanger Abbey
------Shorter Works
------Pride and Prejudice
------Mansfield Park
------Sense and Sensibility, and
A beautiful set of books to start off, or as an addition to, your Folio Society Collection
Item location - West Sussex, United Kingdom
This auction finished on Monday 22nd January 2007
The starting price was set at GBP39.99 = AUD$100.00
There were no bids


--Auctions for individual books from this set

You are bidding on the hardcover book, "Pride and Predjudice", by Jane Austen - the book was published by The Folio Society London in 1997 and this is an eighteenth printing - the book is in fine condition but there is very light shelf and edge wear a solid copy with clean, bright pages - comes with a slipcase - the starting price was set at $12.90 and the auction ended Sunday 25th January 2007
There were no bids
This auction is for a very good edition of the 1997 Folio Society book, "Persuasion", by Jane Austen - the book is in fine condition, while the sleeve case is very good having only minor marks - all in all, a delightful book - the starting price was set at $10.20 and the auction ended Wednesday 31st January 2007
There were seven bids - final price was $21.45