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Geoff - 2007




Our 32nd Wedding Anniversary - Thursday 4th January 2007
------Notes and photos from the "Groom-to-the-Bride" and from the "Bride-to-the-Groom"
------the page includes "Our Photo on Canvas" - a gift from Tanya and Brett
------over twenty photos of us!!!

"My TV Blankie" - a present from Tanya back in 2006 - Geoff on his recliner and wrapped in the blanket!!! - the page also includes the details and a note from Tanya - three photos - Friday 12th January 2007

Birthday - #58 - Tuesday 3rd April 2007
The page includes a 'Computer Card' made up by Sharon - plus what I ordered for dinner and the chocolate desert made by Tanya - and some 'very healthy' snacks from Sharon - an email from Brett, and phone calls and notes from Terry, Brenton and Gavin - Tuesday 3rd April 2007

Geoff's computer wallpaper - and it features two photos of Sharon "just lying around"!!! - Tuesday 3rd April 2007

Time for a haircut!!! - page includes 'before-and-after' shots - and it also includes a couple of photos of "Sharon the Hairdresser" taken during 1974 - Saturday 14th July 2007

A New Computer
After many, many years, he finally has a new computer!!! - Dell Inspiron 530s Desktop - this page includes photos and all the details on this new slimline Desktop PC - and it also has "before-and-after" shots of our computer room - and, of course, the invoice!!! - November 2007