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Tanya - 2006




The Cairns Taipans Basketball - and she will be watching from a Corporate Box!!! - having fun!!! - and not working!!! - details on the invitation, the game and result, and the Corporate Boxes - Saturday 7th January 2006

Tanya's new home!!! - sharing a house in Manunda with her friend Aletta - moving in on Thursday 19th January 2006 - a photo of the backyard, showing the house, gardens - and a hammock hanging under the shady trees!!! - this shot was copied from the Leasing Agent's web site

The Cairns Taipans Basketball Team
Reached the Finals of the NBL!!!
This page has all the details - including Sharon going to one of the games, the results as the Finals Series progressed, and a special "Casual Dress Day" at Tanya's employer

The Cairns Taipans Basketball Team - "Starry, Starry Night"
Annual Ball and Presentation Night
All the details on the Gala Night - including a review of the night and a list of the Award winners - four photos, including two of Tanya - Saturday 18th March 2006

A trip to Melbourne, Victoria
Tanya departed Cairns on Thursday night 23rd March 2006 - seven photos

Australian Basketball - Opals World Challenge
Tanya and Lauren Jackson - and the page also includes details on the Tournament - Saturday 8th April 2006

A nice shot!!! - Tuesday 2nd May 2006

Tanya in a new black dress - and looking very glamorous!!! - she was on her way to a friend's Wedding - these shots were taken in our backyard - seven photos - Saturday 8th July 2006 ......includes some great pics!!!

Sharon, Tanya and Brett - and the three of them are heading out for 'lunch at a posh hotel'!!! - the "Reef Fiesta" at the Cairns International Hotel - this page includes a note from Geoff to Sharon - plus all the details and the menu - and lots of photos of the venue and the three of them before, during, and after lunch!!! - Sunday 1st October 2006

The Cairns Taipans Basketball Team
Tanya is again a Statistician with the Cairns Taipans - and here she is 'working' during one of their games - Sharon and Jemma, one of Tanya's friends, went along to this night at the Cairns Convention Centre - the page includes photos of Tanya, the result, and lots of crowd photos - and can you see Sharon and Jemma??? - Saturday 21st October 2006

Tanya is taking off for Melbourne and Brisbane
She will be away for ten days, and during that time she will see a 'U2' Concert, the Cirque du Soleil, an Australia v England Cricket Test, and a Cairns v Brisbane Basketball Game - plus, of course, lots of "Visiting - Dining - Shopping"!!! - this page includes her full itinerary, plus links to everything she will be seeing and doing - takes off from Cairns on Sunday 19th, and returns on Tuesday 28th November 2006

Some candid shots!!! - two photos - Monday 27th November 2006

Tanya's Birthday
Tanya, Sharon and a few of Tanya's friends headed out to breakfast - went to The Lillipad Cafe in Cairns - page has lots of photos, including the cafe, people ... and the food!!! - also has details on her present and a 'card' from her Mum - Thursday 9th November 2006

Tanya ready for her work Christmas Party - two photos - Friday 8th December 2006 ......two terrific photos!!!