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Brett - 2006




Brett's 27th Birthday - Sunday 5th February 2006
----------A card from Dad and Mum - featuring Brett "through the years"!!!
--------------------and the page also includes his present

----------A card from María Gabriela - Venezuela

"Scouts look for local talent" - this article was published in the Cairns Post newspaper - Peter Gahan and the Queensland Academy of Sport were in Cairns "baseball testing" high school students looking for another "David Nilsson, Brett Roneberg or Cameron Cairncross" - Tuesday 7th February 2006

Valentine's Day - Tuesday 14th February 2006
"High flyers who are still looking for that romantic connection"
"Successful and most eligible"
"Our top catches"
These are the headlines from a Valentine's Day article featured in the Cairns Post newspaper - and Brett is one of the "top catches"!!! - includes photos and a few comments!!!

A new lap-top!!! - GATEWAY MX6440 NOTEBOOK - page includes specifications and photo - Sunday 9th April 2006

Sharon, Tanya and Brett - and the three of them are heading out for 'lunch at a posh hotel'!!! - the "Reef Fiesta" at the Cairns International Hotel - this page includes a note from Geoff to Sharon - plus all the details and the menu - and lots of photos of the venue and the three of them before, during, and after lunch!!! - Sunday 1st October 2006

Brett just before he left for the 2006 Venezuelan Baseball Season - three variations of the same photo - October 2006

--2000 Ford Fairmont Sedan - AU11 Series
Brett's 'new' car!!! - registered and insured under his name on Tuesday 28th November 2006 - page includes heaps of photos - including the original Ford brochures from when the model was released!!!
----------NOTE - this page was updated on Wednesday 29th April 2009

Brett's "off-season" home - living with friends at Kewarra Beach - and one of the photos includes Brett's 'new' car - eight photos - November/December 2006