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Friday 20th October 2006

Another book to add to Sharon's growing library!!!

Cast Iron Valuation Guide - Revised and Updated
by Ken Arnold

The book on the right is the one we bought
On the left is the earlier edition,
and this copy was included "free-of-charge" in the parcel
Thank You, Yvette Ganon!!!


Illustrated throughout with black and white photographs

With descriptions and valuations - pictorial laminated cards

This book covers all kinds of things produced in cast iron by the start of the eighteenth century


History and Care of Cast Iron
plus --- door knockers
boot scrapers
umbrella stands
kitchen items (quite a few of these)
grinders (as in meat grinders)
fire places
coffee mills (Expresso eat your heart out!)
sewing machines
......and a few others

Lots of pictures


Publisher - Crown Castleton Publishers Golden Square Australia
Publication Date - 1995 - Revised and Updated
Pages - 64 - 7 inches x 9 inches
Binding - Soft cover
Condition - 'a fine copy'
Price - $10.00 plus postage

Purchased on Friday 20th October 2006 from:-
Ganon Books
13 Solas Road Morley Western Australia 6062
Telephone - (61) 08 9377 2896
Email address - yganon@bigpond.net.au