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Monday 9th October 2006

Another book to add to Sharon's growing library!!!

Noritake for Australia and New Zealand
A collectors' journey of Discovery
by Karry-leeanne Fisher

"Noritake for Australia and New Zealand"
is an exciting new reference book designed and developed for collectors
from the novice to the professional, including antique dealers, sellers
and appraisers in Australia, New Zealand and the World over

This is a rare opportunity for you or your clientele to discover or re-discover
the unique and distinct history of high end 'Old Noritake' Porcelain,
produced exclusively for Australia and New Zealand,
the Third Export Zone of Nippon Toki Kaisha,
the forerunner to present day Noritake Company of Japan


Book Overview

Price - $59.00 including postage
Author - Karry-leeanne Fisher
Edited - John Henley
Edition - First
Copyright - 2006
Cover - Section Sewn Softbound
Pages - 153 pages - each 294mm x 227mm
Layout - Designed, Printed and Edited in Australia


Forward by - Joan Van Patten, the prominent American author of ten books on Nippon era and Noritake porcelain sums up the contribution of Ms Fisher's book very well when she says:-

"Authors in the United States, Japan and Europe have extensively researched the subject in their respective countries and now Karry-leeanne Fisher has written the definitive book for collectors in Australia and New Zealand
She has worked closely with representatives of the Noritake Company both in Australia and Japan and this book is definitely a treasure for collectors, not only in these two countries but for collectors everywhere"


This reference comprises:-

an overview of the all important history of Noritake in Australia and New Zealand, including photos of the founding fathers of Noritake in both our two great nations complete with entry papers from the National Archives of Australia of the first Nippon Toki Kaisha Limited (present day Noritake) representative to establish a business presence in Australia, Shoyoburo Nakagami

(#02) a reference guide to backstamps identifying porcelain produced exclusively for the Australian and New Zealand market zone along with other backmarks for export to North America and Europe complete with guide to 'Commonly misrepresented Noritake backmarks from the Nippon Era'

(#03) a dedicated chapter to the mystery of unmarked Noritake with actual extracts from correspondence from the agents of the day including a full colour pictorial guide to the identifications and values

(#04) a background of the Maruki mark formerly known as the Komaru and a brief background to the importance of the Maruki mark to the great founder, and a picture of his grave site where the Maruki is immortalised

(#05) a list of passenger and cargo ships which were used to import Noritake to Australia and New Zealand, including a copy of an original order note and shipping Rebate Note

(#06) lastly, the all important ninety-eight page full colour pictorial guide to identifications and values' for collectors and antique dealer alike, with genuine realisation values given in Australian dollars as both the New Zealand dollar and Australia are almost at parity


Examples from the book

Unmarked Noritake
M and J Desert Scene

Recently Discovered
Unmarked Patterns

Leaf Shaped Dishes

Mustard Pots and
Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mayo and Creamer Bowls

Coffee Services


Salad Bowls and Servers

Cover Page
Miscellaneous Patterns

Cover Page
Nut and Rosehip Patterns

Backmark Examples

One of two surviving
Vases RM Hall Museum


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Noritake Collectors Guild of Australia

19 Brabham Street
Gosnells Western Australia 6110