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Friday 6th October 2006

Another book to add to Sharon's growing library!!!

Kitchenalia Valuation Guide
by Ken Arnold

An overall glimpse at the implements which were in daily use by the early pioneers, with a descriptive introduction to each of the numerous sections

Illustrated throughout with black-and-white and some colour photographs along with pictorial cards

Arnold wrote this book to give Australians "an idea of what is available to be collected"

It covers:-

ceramic labelled food glasses
teapots and strainers
pots and lids
storage and preserving jars
food covers
rolling pins
water filters
Willow Ware
cast iron pots, etc etc

A very descriptive guide on many different kitchen collectables


Publisher - Crown Castleton Publishers Golden Square Australia
Publication Date - 1994 - Second printing
Pages - 64 - A5
Binding - Soft cover
Condition - Mint
Price - $10.00 plus postage

Purchased on Friday 6th October 2006 from:-
Ganon Books
13 Solas Road Morley Western Australia 6062
Telephone - (61) 08 9377 2896
Email address - yganon@bigpond.net.au