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Wednesday 28th June 2006

Another book for Sharon


"A Pocket Guide to Carlton Ware"

A Pocket Guide to Carlton Ware by Dr Czes and Yvonne Kosniowski
is a valuable and comprehensive source of information in an easy to use format

It is a guide to help identify Carlton Ware (Carltonware) patterns and shapes
It contains over 500 colour pictures of Carlton Ware

It will prove to be a very useful reference tool
and help you identify the many hundreds of pieces of Carlton Ware available

The compact size means it is ideal to take to Antique Fairs, Auctions, Exhibitions, etc

#02 - THE -NEW -BOOK
"Carlton Ware Catalogue and Price Guide"
This book is complementary to the Pocket Guide

Carlton Ware Catalogue and Price Guide by Dr Czes and Yvonne Kosniowski
covers all embossed Carlton Ware from the 1930's onwards
based on the impressed or shape numbers

This includes patterns such as Anemone, Oak Tree, Buttercup, Foxglove,
Apple Blossom, Hydrangea, Guinness, Walking Ware, etc

All embossed ware is covered

A list of the shape numbers with descriptions and a price guide
is provided as well as photographs of some of the pieces

This book is complementary to the Pocket Guide

The book is avaiable from July 2006

 Information Brochure #01  Information Brochure #02

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The Authors

Dr Czes and Yvonne Kosniowski

and click on the vase----to go to their Official Carlton Ware Web Site