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Geoff - 2005



Birthday #56!!! - Sunday 3rd April 2005
----------a note from Sharon - with a few "old" photos!!!

A Saturday afternoon snooze!!! - two photos - Saturday 18th June 2005

Sitting in front of the computer - and using the web-cam!!! - two photos - Wednesday 29th June 2005

US Territory in Cairns!!!
Geoff's room, which was also known as the Computer Room, is to be now known as "The Cairns Branch of The United States Embassy"!!! - before and after shots - July 2005

A card and note from Sharon - who was on holidays and relaxing around the house - Tuesday 16th August 2005

Tanya's Return to Cairns after her Working Holiday in London
Saturday 15th October 2005
Click this link to go to the page which has a heap of photos - some of which include Geoff