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Valuations on two Georg Jensen Pendant

This page includes
(1) an advert Sharon found on the internet
(2) an email Sharon sent requesting information
(3) the reply from "Authors and Artists", and
(2) photos of Sharon's pendant and necklace


Jergen (Georg) Jensen Pewter Necklace
Handmade in Denmark - #989 - circa 1960

This necklace is marked
Pewter, Jergen Jensen, Handmade, Denmark, 989
It has a round medallion with a stylized design which is 2"" across
The chain portion of the necklace is fitted through a ring on the back of the medallion
and is thirty-one inches long (no clasp - continuous chain)
The chain is a rollo-type link
Unique and lovely piece from this famous jewelry-maker company
Advertised price - USD$450.00


Email from Sharon to "Authors & Artists" on Wednesday 16th March 2005

Hi, and I am not sure if you can help but I see a similar necklace on your site
I am from Cairns, Australia
I have attached two photos of some Georg Jensen jewellery I have had for a number of years
and wondered if you could give me a rough idea of their value
#1 - THE PENDANT- was given to me between 1968 - 1973 and on the back it says
Georg Jensen
- was given to me for my 21st birthday in 1975 and says
Georg Jensen

Thank you for your time, Sharon

......and their reply

'Jergen' evidently is 'Georg' in Danish
From the dates, your pieces would have to have been made by the original Georg Jensen's son
(also named Georg)
I've had several people tell me I've overpriced my necklace
- that the son's work is not as valuable as the father's
In fact, I've been trying to remember (senior memory!!) to reprice it at about $250.00
I would expect that each of your pieces would be about the same retail value
- they look lovely, by the way
I'm not an expert on Jensen jewelry, but the only difference I can see in the markings
on your pieces and on mine is that mine does say 'handmade'
That might (or might not) add about $50 to the value
But at the least, I'd say yours are worth $200 or so each
You might want to have the necklace metal verified as pewter, since it doesn't say that
The Jensen company also worked in silver sometimes


Sharon's Georg Jensen Pendant

Sharon's Georg Jensen Necklace