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Brett - 2004



"2004 Resolutions - Far North Identities Share Theirs" - and Brett's quote is included - this article appeared in the New Years Day edition of the Cairns Post newspaper

His 25th Birthday - Thursday 5th February 2004
----------a card from Dad
----------and a 'sentimental' card from his Mum
----------an "SMS Message" from Tanya in London

During September 2004, Brett had a visit with Tanya who was living in London as part of her working holiday around Europe
Brett had just finished his season with the Portland Sea Dogs "AA" Baseball Club, and had recently competed in the Athens Olympics, with the Australian Baseball Team winning the Silver Medal
As well as looking around London, Tanya and Brett also went to Rome and Paris
And there are hundreds of photos!!! - of Tanya, of Brett, and shots of them together
There are two ways to look at these photos
- and this link will take you to the complete albumn - it includes the photos as mentioned above, plus photos of all the attractions they visited, plus a comprehensive day-by-day diary of their time together
this link will take you to a page which contains just the photos of Tanya and/or Brett - there are over 90 of them, and include a number of terrific shots!!!