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Tanya and Brett - and their Friends



NOTE - this albumn is a 'complement' to their "Year-by-Year" albumns.
For example, their albumn may contain a birthday or school function photo,
and this "Friends" albumn will have any photos taken at their party or with their school-mates.




Tanya with David Williams - in our backyard - 1977 ..........and it's a beautiful picture of Tanya!!!

Tanya with Steven, David Williams and Glen - sitting on the front step of our unit - December 1977

Tanya with Nerida - 1977


Tanya and a few friends in the wading-pool - David Williams, Adam and Shane - October 1978

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 3rd - friends (and their Mothers!!!) came for a party in the yard of our Melbourne unit - four photos - 9th November 1978

Tanya with Clare Williams - and Geoff washing the car - December 1978


Tanya hand-in-hand with Shane - March 1979 ..........cute pic!!!

Tanya with Deanne - April 1979

Tanya entertaining Deanne and Clare Williams out the front of our Melbourne unit - with Brett looking on - September 1979

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 4th - a party in the backyard - 9th November 1979


Tanya with David Williams - January 1980 ..........great shot of a "bright eyed" Tanya

Tanya with Shane and Clare Williams - "face-painting/clowns" - in front of our Melbourne unit - March 1980

Tanya and Brett with Clare Williams, Shane and Timmy - April 1980


Tanya with Louise - dress-up!!! - trying out their Mother's shoes - and bag and hat!!! - August 1980 ..........another cute shot of Tanya

Tanya and Brett with Jenny and Louise - two photos - August 1980

Tanya with Louise, Michelle and Jenny - in the backyard of our Bellbowrie, Brisbane home - August 1980

Tanya with Louise, Michelle and Jenny again - and in leotards ready for dancing lessons??? - August 1980

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 5th - and a party she shared with her friend Eliza - the two "Birthday Girls" and their guests - a running race - and a 'hard-fought' tug-of-war!!! - cooling off in the wading pool - and a very young Brett can be seen in the group photo - six photos - 9th November 1980


Tanya and Brett with friends they met in Noosa Heads on Queensland's Sunshine Coast ..........good photo

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 6th - and she was in a nice white party-dress - Sharon organised the "games/activities" - Brett can be seen trying to blow out the candles, but Tanya finally had her turn!!! - four photos - 9th November 1981

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 6th - Tanya, her friends, and the "party table" - and Sharon and Brett appear in a couple - four photos

SCHOOL PHOTO - Tanya Year 1 - Class photo of Year 1F at Moggill State Primary School, Brisbane - 1981



Tanya with Michelle Morris - and accross the road is the Trinity Beach State Primary and Pre-school - January 1982 ..........a nice photo

Tanya and Brett with Darren and Fiona - July 1982 ..........and a great photo of Tanya and Brett

Tanya and Brett with Darren and Fiona - a barbeque in the Davies Creek National Park, which is on the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns - four photos - August 1982 ..........some great shots

Tanya and Brett with Stacey and Ricky - a beach picnic - four photos - September 1982 ..........again, some are great shots

SCHOOL 'PICNIC/SPORTS'? - Tanya - a school outing at "Centenary Lakes" in Greenslopes Street, Edge Hill Cairns - Tanya has got the ball - and Tanya and Brett with a group of friends - two photos - September 1982

Brett giving Dale Allanson a ride in the back of his three-wheeled trike - two photos - October 1982 ..........good photos

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 7th - blowing out the candles on her cake - and all the party guests - and Brett is in there too!!! - two photos - 9th November 1982

SCHOOL 'DRESS-UP' DAY - Tanya - Tanya as "Queen of the Faries" with Collette and Zoe Walpole who are in their outfits as well - plus a photo taken at the school of Tanya and some of the other students - two photos - November 1982

SCHOOL BREAK-UP PICNIC - Tanya - enjoying games with her class-mates - held at the Freshwater "swimming hole" in Cairns - three photos - December 1982

SCHOOL PHOTO - Tanya Year 2 - Class photo of Year 2 at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1982


Tanya and Brett attended Raelene Warner's birthday - with Collette and Zoe Walpole - January 1983

Brett with Fiona, Darren and Louise - "Bike Parade" - January 1983 ..........a nice photo

BIRTHDAY - Brett's 4th - showing off his "Racing Car Track" cake which was made by his Mum!!! - and a few of his guests - and Sharon and Tanya are there!!! - two photos - 5th February 1983 ..........two good photos

SCHOOL "CLASS CITIZEN" - Tanya - Tanya with Zoe Walpole, and they are wearing their "Class Citizen" badges for their respective classes!!! - March 1983 ..........good photo of Tanya

Brett with Louise - sitting in a puddle at the beach - April 1983 ..........and it's a cute shot!!!

SCHOOL TRIP - Brett - his class went to the Cairns Airport to look at it's fire fighting services - two photos - June 1983

SCHOOL SPORTS DAY - Tanya - she was in the "Upolo House (Gold)" team for the Trinity Beach Primary School Inter-House Sports Day - here she is in the March Past, and giving a sprint race everything she's got!!! - two photos - September 1983

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 8th - Tanya and her party guests checking out the "#8" cake made by Sharon - and Brett is getting a close look!!! - 9th November 1983 ..........good picture of the group

Tanya and Brett with Dale Allanson - and "Charlotte" - a lost kangaroo we looked after for a while - November 1983

CHRISTMAS DAY - Tanya and Brett with Collette and Zoe Walpole - a photo of the four kids, and another of Tanya and Brett showing presents and making noise - two photos - 1983 ..........a great shot of the four of them

SCHOOL PHOTO - Tanya Year 3/4 - Class photo of Year 3/4 at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1983

SCHOOL PHOTO - Brett Pre-School - Class photo of the "P.M. Group" at Trinity Beach State Pre-School - 1983


Brett with Simon, Coby and Jerry at "Farmarama" - having a horse-and-buggy ride - January 1984

BIRTHDAY - Brett's 5th - Brett and his party guests checking out the cake - and another where it looks like they are ready to make trouble!!! - two photos - 5th February 1984 ..........includes a terrific picture of a bikini-clad Tanya!!!

Tanya and Brett with Ester - at an evening barbeque - March 1984

Tanya with her cousin Eirona - at Kewarra Beach, "The Rocks" swimming hole, jumping into the pool, and their hair done identically by Sharon in braids - seven photos - April 1984

SCHOOL 'EASTER BONNET PARADE' - Brett - ready with his class-mates for the Parade to start - April 1984

SCHOOL PHOTO - Tanya Year 3/4 - Class photo of Year 3/4 at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1984

SCHOOL PHOTO - Brett Year 1/2 - Class photo of Year 1/2 at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1984


Brett with Ruth Pols in the background - riding his bike - January 1985

BIRTHDAY - Brett's 6th - Brett showing off his "#6" cake, his party guests, and they are ready to play 'brandy/dodge-ball' - and Tanya is included in the guest list!!! - three photos - 5th February 1985 ..........some nice shots

BASEBALL - Tanya - Team photo of the 1985 Sharks Baseball Club Under 11 T-Ball Team

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 9th - a party out in the bush!!! - Tanya admiring her "#9" cake, and surrounded by her guests as she blows out the nine candles - and Brett is in there too - two photos - 9th November 1985

NEW YEARS EVE - Tanya and Brett - with Ester and Jerry, and celebrating with sparklers - two photos - 1985/6

SCHOOL PHOTO - Tanya Year 5 Co-Op - Class photo of Year 5 Co-Op at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1985

SCHOOL PHOTO - Brett Year 2 Co-Op - Class photo of Year 2 Co-Op at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1985


Tanya with Michelle, Kathy, Vicky and Melissa - and they had a "Cabbage Patch Doll Party"!!! - two photos - January 1986 ..........and the shots of Tanya are very nice

Brett with Greg Foot - at Tobruk Pool in Cairns - January 1986 ..........a great photo

BIRTHDAY - Brett's 7th - he had a couple of friends over straight after school - Greg Foot and Kristofer Hendersen, and they are three "dirty looking" kids!!! - 5th February 1986

BASKETBALL - Tanya - she was a member of the Rebels Netball Team - during the game, with Tanya playing 'wing defence' - and a photo with her team-mate, Melissa - two photos - June 1986

BASEBALL - Brett - Brett with Greg Foot - they were members of Sharks Baseball Club T-Ball Team - July 1986

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 11th - a pool-party at the Billabong Pool, Clifton Beach - Tanya with all the party goers - 9th November 1986 ..........a great shot of the group

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 11th - the cake!!! - and the 'Birthday Girl' surrounded by her friends - and there are Sharon and Brett!!! - two photos

CRICKET - Brett - he played for the Palm Cove Under 10 Team which was in the Barron River Cricket Association - a team photo, and an action shot of Brett swinging the bat - two photos - November 1986 ..........and both are great photos

SCHOOL PHOTO - Tanya Year 6 Single - Class photo of Year 6 Single at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1986

SCHOOL PHOTO - Brett Year 3 - Class photo of Year 3 at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1986


BIRTHDAY - Brett's 8th - Brett and all his party guests, and showing off his cake - two photos - and Tanya squeezed into one of them!!! - 5th February 1987 ..........nice photos

BASEBALL - Tanya - Tanya played for the Dodgers Under 14 Baseball Team - participating in the Opening Day March-Past - and her team won the Grand Final!!! - two photos - April and August 1987

Tanya was part of the crew during a 'Rubber Ducky' race held at Trinity Beach - October 1987 ..........a great action shot!!!

SCHOOL CONCERT - Brett - his class performed the song "Rawhide" - Brett and a couple of friends performing during the song, and the entire cast after the show, including his teacher Rose Mauloni - two photos - October 1987 ..........Sharon and I went, and it was a great show!!!

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 12th - Tanya with a few of her guests, including Amanda Foot and Michelle Morris - 9th November 1987 ..........and Tanya looks fabulous!!!

BIRTHDAY - Tanya's 12th - some of the party goers, and the games they played - six photos

SCHOOL TRIP - Brett - his class did a day trip to Green Island, just off the coast of Cairns - managed to snap a picture of Brett with his teacher Rose Mauloni - and Brett and Greg Foot getting ready for some deep sea diving!!! - two photos - December 1987

JUNIOR GRADUATION - Tanya - her primary schools years are finished!!! - ready for high school!!! - the Graduation Ceremony was held at Trinity Beach State Primary School - line dancing and waltzing!!! - five photos - December 1987 ..........and Tanya looked great in a white outfit!!!

JUNIOR GRADUATION - Tanya - and still more dancing!!! - four photos

SCHOOL PHOTO - Tanya Year 7P - Class photo of Year 7P at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1987

SCHOOL PHOTO - Brett Year 3/4 - Class photo of Year 3/4 at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1987


Brett with Greg Foot - and are they drinking beer!!! - December 1988 ..........a great photo

SCHOOL PHOTO - Tanya Year 8C - Class photo of Year 8C at Smithfield State High School - 1988

SCHOOL PHOTO - Brett Year 5G - Class photo of Year 5G at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1988


SCHOOL PHOTO - Brett Year 6F - Class photo of Year 6F at Trinity Beach State Primary School - 1989