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Geoff - 2003




"Baseball Training with Brett"

----------Geoff and Sharon helping out during the 2002/3 off-season - Monday 27th January 2003

----------Click here to go to the albumn which is listed in the Special Occasions section ..........and includes some very nice photos!!!


A self-portrait!!! - what happens when you grab a camera, hold it out in front of you, and press the shutter a few times!!! - four photos - Sunday 2nd January 2003 .........."an unshaven, awful man!!!"

"Looking for Scapegoats" - I got sick of the 'whinging by Australians' and wrote this to the "Letters to the Editor" section of the Cairns Post - Tuesday 4th February 2003

Some close-up shots taken in our garden - six photos - Monday 17th February 2003

--US territory in Cairns!!! - our patio, which is the "Cairns Branch of the USA Embassy" - four photos, including three of Geoff with "The Stars and Stripes" - Tuesday 18th February 2003

54th Birthday - Thursday 3rd April 2003

----------an 'Adult Ecard' from Sharon!!!

A visit to Cairns' newest attraction - Esplanade Lagoon and Aquatic Centre - two photos - Sunday 6th April 2003

A great body!!! - showing why he doesn't need to start a Fitness Program like Sharon is doing!!! - using her gym-ball and hand weights - three photos - Sunday 13th April 2003

On one of the scenic beaches - during a drive from Cairns to Port Douglas - two photos - Sunday 18th May 2003

A cup-o-tea, a smoke - and a shirt full of holes!!! - Sunday 12th October 2003

Trying to dodge the camera!!! - in the background is "Our Family Photo Display" - Saturday 18th October 2003