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Brett - 2003




A close-up - his passport/USA visa photograph ..........a "very close" close-up shot, but a nice photo

Dressed to hit the town!!! - two photos - Saturday 18th January 2003 ..........and more nice pictures

Baseball Training with Brett - January 2003
Relaxing in the dugout during training at the Trinity Beach baseball fields

This is just one of a heap of photos taken of Brett training, with Geoff and Sharon helping out, during the 2002/2003 off-season
These shots were taken at the Trinity Beach Baseball Complex on Monday 27th January 2003
here to go to the albumn which is listed in the Special Occasions section ..........and includes some great photos!!!

His 24th Birthday - Wednesday 5th February 2003
----------a card from his Dad and Mum - but no banana cake!!!
----------his present - eight pieces of paper???
----------Sharon bought him lunch before she headed off to work - not real 'healthy', but tasted good!!!
----------a card from Fernando Roneberg - who lives in Portugal
----------an email from David Malamut (The Kane County Cougars)

Smithfield State High School - 20th Anniverary Celebrations
Both Tanya and Brett attended Smithfield High - the Anniversary was celebrated on Wednesday 23rd July 2003, and this page includes a list of some of the School's "Sporting Stardom" students, which include Brett - this article is from a feature on the School published in the Cairns Post - also included are some emails between Tanya and one of her friends, reminiscing about their school days and some of the displays that were on show

Heading off to The Cairns Amateurs Horse Racing Carnival - three photos - Friday 12th September 2003 ......great shots!!!

Another close-up shot - Friday 12th September 2003 ..........taken with an 'instant camera', but still a nice photo

A 'studio portrait' - taken on Saturday 4th October 2003 ..........a terrific photo!!!

Baseball Training - December 2003
During the 2003/2004 off-season, Brett trained every day with his friend Ritchie Mounsey
Ritchie is the catcher for the Shogun Heat Team which competes in the Cairns Baseball League
These shots were taken at the Trinity Beach Baseball Complex on Saturday 13th December 2003
----------Brett in the batter's box, with Ritchie throwing for batting practise - six photos
----------Ritchie's turn to hit, with Brett pitching - six photos

Wearing a "very interesting" shirt he received from Tanya for Christmas - two photos - Thursday 25th December 2003 ..........very nice shots

A close-up - his passport/USA visa photograph - Wednesday 31st December 2003 ..........a "very close" close-up shot