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Tanya's Working Holiday
......or a visit to 'The World'!!!


As at November 2004, there are over 23,000 photos and files spread throughout this site
......and it is still growing!!!
......I am adding more information every day!!!

Tanya is intending to travel for up to two years,
and that could mean "a million more" photos and details on the places she visits and the experiences she has
Eventually I would have to purchase more web site space
and I decided to do it now so her trip would be contained in one site and not spread over two at a later date


to go to the new site and all the details on her trip
Depending upon your type of browser, a new window may open
However, each page in the new site has a link to return to our main Home Page at any time

Should you wish to follow her "trip around the world"
I would suggest that you book-mark the front page of her trip albumn after you click on the above link

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